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Meet Diavkha, a set designer and storyteller who has taken their passion for world-building to the next level by creating a unique and immersive series of comics using Second Life.

Learn more about Diavkha from this short interview and video as the next installment in our Made in Second Life series!

What is your name and how long have you been in SL?
My name is Diavkha, people have told me it sounds Slavic but it’s an original name that I came up with. I like to have something unique and catchy! I’ve been in Second Life since 2018.

How did you get started making comics?
In the beginning, I just did photography, sometimes I would write short stories or descriptions of what the picture was about to give it a bit of context even though the picture might not show it. 

Last year I thought it would be an interesting project to create a deeper and expansive narrative and flesh out my writing skills. SL is perfect for that because of the sheer amount of content available within the platform to build worlds and characters.

There was also another reason that inspired me to create Beyond Star and that is my nephew, he loves things about outer space and adventures.

Where do you get the avatars and the sets from?
Most of our avatars wear the mesh heads from the store BeSpoke, they are wonderfully designed, unique, and different from what’s available. Because I wanted to have non-human characters I specifically saw a lot of potential in their options. 

We also use other outfits, poses, and building kits from stores like: Process of Elimination, Contraption, SKNK, Unholy Duality, Fanatik, and more. 
I’m very thankful for these creators and their work that allow us to build imaginative worlds and characters.

How many episodes of Beyond Star are there?
At the moment we have 6 Episodes completed and are working on number 7 right now which is almost finished. The idea is to have 9 Episodes total for the first chapter/season of the project.

It was important to build the characters, themes, and worlds with a sense of pace and to let the story grow.

Each Episode can take a few months to be completed as there is a process: beginning with a script, then building sets and characters, taking the photos, and finally editing.

Can SL comics compete with “real” comics made the “traditional” way, in terms of visual fidelity and storytelling?
I don’t see a reason why they couldn’t. While some people might think illustrating traditional comics is a more valuable endeavor, the items used in SL were also created by real humans who put a lot of love and effort into making them. 

The tools might be different, what’s important is to have a good imagination and use the potential of the platform to create a compelling story.

Are you self-taught? What is your background?
Since I was little, I always loved creating my own worlds and stories, sometimes I would write these stories for school and plays. I studied Graphic Design and Animation and I have a lot of interest in history, politics, science, and religion. 

My RL job allows me a certain amount of flexibility to devote to the arts and to other projects like Beyond Star.

What tools outside of SL do you use for making the comics?
Primarily a web-based editor called Pixlr, it’s similar to other picture editing software and has enough tools to work with. I always try to do everything within SL, so that the editing process is less outside of it.

We are using Blurb at the moment for the printed comic, if you’d like to support us you can purchase a copy here: Beyond Star on Blurb  

What does SL mean to you?
Second Life means a lot of things, to start, it feels like an open canvas for creators of all types. It also means connections with other people, even though the boundaries of reality prevent you from seeing them. In SL, you can share moments that feel just as real and unique as they would be in real life. Sometimes those moments are more powerful just because you don’t have the weight of the real world upon you.

Do you have a place that you call home? Rent/own?
My partner and I rent a small piece of land, we’ve had it for over a year now and it’s our happy corner. We use it as our home and work area for the comic and other projects.

Please mention your collaborators. 
The project started originally with my partner Elarik Nokturne and myself, later our friend Ayumi Suki joined in. They both have contributed to the project with ideas, sets, and even the title of the story.

Any final thoughts?
My hopes are that with this project, people can see SL in a positive light and see its potential.


Comics Made in SL.png

Video Production by Draxtor Despres
Logo by Marianne McCann

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Second Life Spotlight – Hamlet Au

Today we are shining a spotlight on Hamlet Au, also known as Wagner James Au. Hamlet is a journalist that has been diligently reporting about Second Life for two decades on New World Notes, and has just released his latest book, Making a Metaverse That Matters!


Can you give us a brief overview of your background and how you got involved with virtual worlds, especially Second Life?
Back in 2003, I was a young San Francisco-based freelancer writing about games as an emerging cultural force for Wired and Salon. The PR firm of an oddly-named startup called Linden Lab invited me to see a new online game world they were creating. (Yes, Lindens called it a game back then!) 

After Philip had taken me on my first tour of Second Life, his head of marketing at the time, Robin Harper, suggested that I could write for them — as a journalist embedded in their virtual world. My first avatar, Hamlet Linden, was born, as was my blog: New World Notes.  

Becoming Hamlet Au.jpg

After I left Linden to write my first book, The Making of Second Life, I moved my avatar identity to Hamlet Au in a transfer ceremony. I’ve always worn a white suit, sort of my silly tribute to legendary “New Journalist” Tom Wolfe.

One of the very first Residents I interviewed was Catherine Omega, an amazing scripter who casually mentioned she was temporarily homeless in real life. So I quickly realized an amazing community was developing, and that it was the story of a lifetime. I’ve been writing about SL culture whenever I can ever since!

BunnyGPT Hamlet Au.png

For instance, I recently interviewed BunnyGPT, one of the first SL bots wired up to ChatGPT

Snow Crash Shrine SL.png

I even still have an office space in Waterhead kept from my Linden days. Come visit! There’s an official shrine to Snow Crash there, approved by Neal Stephenson himself.

Your first book, The Making of Second Life, was published in 2008. How has Second Life evolved since then, and how did that evolution inspire your new book Making a Metaverse That Matters?
Second Life’s visual quality and backend reliability have greatly improved since 2008 for sure, but to me, the most important evolution since then happened with everyone else: In the last five years or so, metaverse-type virtual worlds have finally become mainstream. And what’s exciting is that Second Life is not only still thriving, but is an important role model for these newer platforms. As I noted a while ago, Second Life creators make about as much money from the virtual world as Linden Lab itself. No other metaverse platform can say that!

The Making of Second Life.jpg
The Making of Second Life (2008)

So that’s what inspired me to write Making a Metaverse That Matters: I want to take all the lessons we’ve learned from Second Life over the last 20 years and apply them to new metaverse platforms so that we can finally realize the best and largest virtual world possible.

Making a Metaverse That Matters.jpg
Making a Metaverse That Matters (2023)

As someone who has worked for Linden Lab, what insights can you provide into the challenges and successes of maintaining and evolving a platform like Second Life?
The biggest and most amazing challenge is that the community is basically an equal collaborator with the actual company. This is both a blessing and a curse! When I was a Linden, the team would often stop work to marvel at the latest user-made project which included technical workarounds the engineers never anticipated — and then realize that they couldn’t easily patch that workaround since doing that might break the user’s creation.

With your blog New World Notes running for over 20 years, how have your thoughts and insights about virtual worlds changed? Can you share a particular event or moment that was a turning point for you?
During a conference where I was speaking about my first book, I randomly visited a virtual Bayou bar, where I saw an avatar playing blues guitar. His appearance was customized to look like a tall old Black man, which I assumed was just his roleplay character. 

Charles Bristol plays Second Life.JPG
Mr. Bristol photo credit: Russ Roberts/Etherian Kamabuko

But clicking on the user’s account, I realized that in real life he was Charles Bristol, an 87-year-old Bluesman and the grandson of once enslaved people who lived long enough to play live music in Second Life.

Wow, I thought to myself — if people as amazing as that are in SL without me knowing, who else is in there? So I’ve never really left. Even if Second Life is not the largest virtual world, it’s definitely the most interesting and inspiring — and the best role model for making the Metaverse.

Tell us about some of the Residents in Second Life that have left a lasting impression with their work in the virtual realm.
There are so many! But I’m very grateful to Cajsa Lilliehook for covering SL’s incredible Flickr community every week, and Sanny Yoshikawa for translating New World Notes to SL’s large Japanese user base. And to all my regular New World Notes readers! 

AM Radio SL Art.jpg

I should also mention metaverse artist AM Radio, who is not as active in SL in recent years but still keeps his eye on the virtual world, and whose work has been so influential. I recently wrote about how his real life son is helping keep his art alive.

Where can people see your work? Please share links to your books, websites, and social media accounts.
New World Notes
Making a Metaverse That Matters
Facebook: Hamlet.Au
Twitter: @SLHamlet
Plurk: Hamlet_Au
Discord: WJA#3523


Thank you, Hamlet, for all your years of reporting the metaverse news! We especially enjoyed your recent article in The Atlantic: There Will Never Be Another Second Life.

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Giant Sculpture Built in Second Life Exported to Burning Man in Real Life

Giant Sculpture Built in Second Life Exported to Burning Man in Real Life

SL to Burning Man Butterfly

Above: Jolhoeft’s Burning Man installation in Second Life and (inset) at Burning Man

I just wrote about how Second Life was inspired by both the Metaverse of Snow Crash and Burning Man of orgiastic arts festival fame, and the SL20B exhibit has a cool installation that demonstrates both: A giant butterfly and flower created in Second Life – that was then exported as a design and built in real life at Burning Man!

“The butterfly and the flower were all built out of prims,” Jolhoeft explains, “and I would continue to model in-world with prims until I started building it out of wood.”

Here’s more about his process, and some behind the scenes:




“A lot of the initial work still took place in SL.. I used Firestorm to export the wings as mesh, and Blender to make a 2-D projection. That gave me a template I could print out and trace onto a sheet of plywood, which I then cut with a jig saw.

“The wings I exported to Collada, then into Blender to make an orthographic projection, which I exported to SVG and printed out as templates to trace onto plywood, then cut out with a jig saw. Most of the other other parts I was able to just take measurements from the final SL design.”

Metamorphosis Development


[Go here to visit it in Second Life this weekend] before the SLB20 exhibit closes down. If you miss it there, however, good news: Jolhoeft’s planning to bring back to the Butterfly to Burning Man 2023.

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Original Metaverse Second Life Celebrates 20th Birthday

In-world celebration includes live music, performance and shopping events, exhibitions and major sweepstakes.

SAN FRANCISCO & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Second Life – the leader in virtual worlds, metaverse innovations, and pioneer of virtual economies – announced today its 20th birthday celebration, also known as “SL20B,” beginning on June 22, 2023.

“residents” the opportunity to enhance and augment their physical lives by connecting them to thousands of engaging and vibrant virtual environments and communities. Since inception, more than 73 million accounts have been created in Second Life, with around 750K monthly active users. ”

Created in 2003 by Linden Lab founder Philip Rosedale, Second Life has evolved into one of the largest and most successful 3D virtual worlds, providing “residents” the opportunity to enhance and augment their physical lives by connecting them to thousands of engaging and vibrant virtual environments and communities. Since inception, more than 73 million accounts have been created in Second Life, with around 750K monthly active users.

Today, Second Life provides a safe space for its residents to express their authentic selves. A thriving economy exists in Second Life: tens of thousands of creators around the world profit from selling millions of virtual items and services on Second Life’s marketplace, with more than 1.6M transactions within Second Life every day.

“When we first shared Second Life with the world in 2003, we had one mission in mind: to create a positive, enriching experience for its residents. While others continue to try, no other company has come close to building a world like Second Life,” said Philip Rosedale, Founder of Second Life. “This would not be possible without the talented and endlessly inventive residents of Second Life, who have built communities dedicated to every conceivable interest. We’re excited for what is to come over the next 20 years as we continue to evolve, and we’re excited to welcome new generations to the world.”

Other in-world activities and events include:

  • Over 500 live performances including music and discussions
  • “Shop & Hop” – Second Life’s largest shopping event of the year with nearly 500 merchants and creators
  • Community exhibition spaces with over 300 exhibits and staffed by more than 200 resident volunteers
  • Global and National sweepstakes including a Chevrolet Bolt EV, high-end computers and Second Life Premium membership subscriptions.
  • Commemorative eZine/Guide and other limited-time products
  • World premiere Documentary video on Second Year’s first 20 years 
  • And More

“We’re proud and humbled by how our hundreds of thousands of residents have created positive, supportive, and accepting communities within Second Life,” said Brad Oberwager, CEO and Executive Chairman of Second Life. “Our commitment to rewarding freedom of expression, as well as protecting customer privacy, has helped establish Second Life as a successful pioneer in virtual economies, cultures, and communities over the past twenty years, and has allowed us to create a virtual world in which user identification and information is protected and not monetized for advertisers. We look forward to continuing to be a leader in virtual world and metaverse innovations.”

Second Life recently announced plans to launch its first mobile application. Second Life also recently announced a partnership with Motown Records, the legendary record label, part of the Capitol Music Group, and STYNGR, the first music integration platform for gaming and the metaverse, to bring Motown’s music to the metaverse.

About Second Life   

Second Life, developed and operated by Linden Research, Inc. (“Linden Lab”), is the groundbreaking virtual world enjoyed by millions around the globe. First launched in 2003, Second Life has since gone on to boast nearly two billion user creations and a vibrant $650 million USD economy. Founded in 1999, Linden Lab creates social platforms that empower people to create, share, and benefit from virtual experiences. To learn more, visit

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SL20B Music Fest Lineup & Calendar of Events

SL20B Music Fest Lineup & Calendar of Events


SL20B Music Fest Poster.png
Photo by Semiiina

Are you ready for this year’s SL20B Music Fest?

From June 22nd to the 24th, go on an interstellar journey through sound and emotions, as the crème de la crème of Second Life’s live musicians set the SL20B Mandala Stage ablaze with spellbinding performances! 

In the middle of Music Fest will also be a movie premiere! “Made in SL: The Movie” is a special long-form documentary for Second Life’s 20th anniversary, produced by Draxtor Despres and premiering on Friday, June 23rd at 12pm PT at the SL20B Arboretum. Watch the trailer at this link.

This year’s lineup: (schedule subject to change) 

SLT Thursday, June 22 Friday, June 23 Saturday, June 24
10:00 AM SL20B Opens Second Life’s Official Birthday! AnLaik
11:00 AM     Fly Kugin (FlyKugin)
12:00 PM Opening Ceremony with Patch Linden SL20B Movie Premiere by Draxtor Despres Mimi Carpenter
1:00 PM SEMINA (semiiina) Tia Rungray (Tialer Mimulus) TEMPIO Breil
2:00 PM Marqs DeSade (marqsdesade) DorianKash Tally Mercury
3:00 PM Justin Elias Anatra (JustinElias Anatra) Randy De Lucia Jordan Lively
4:00 PM Holly Giles (HollyGiless Heartsong) Joaquin Gustav Slade S. Simunyé™ (sladeslayer)
5:00 PM Ruvi Gatchie (Ruvilyn) ryeshure spiritLed
6:00 PM Frogg Marlowe & Jaycatt Nico (Effinjay) Oblee (Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth) Cosmic Cat
7:00 PM Grace Loudon FrankLee (FrankLee Anatra) Ras Solaris | Waverino ( atom013.takaaki | wavbruh)
8:00 PM Angelikus Deo (Iamangelikus) Maximillion Kleene Gabriel da Silva (Gabryel Nyoki)
9:00 PM   John Rocky (ErikKottzen)  

But wait, there’s more! Hold on to your (virtual) hats because the euphoria doesn’t wind down after Music Fest. The SL20B celebrations are set to reach stratospheric heights with a staggering 500+ performers ready to take over four majestic stages! This is not just a party; it’s a festival of boundless energy and musical marvels that promises to engulf your senses.

Keep your eyes on the Birthday Events Calendar to ensure you don’t miss a beat!

Do you use Google Calendar? If so, you can also add the Birthday Calendar directly to your own calendar by clicking here

You can also watch the Second Life Public Calendar for all Linden Lab events and in the next few days, we’ll debut a dedicated Destination Guide category with many event highlights. Look out for entries that will start appearing in the SL20B Destination Guide category later this week and keep an eye on this blog for more information about SL20B coming soon!


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Videos Of Second Life.

Coming Soon To A Virtual World Near You! Be sure to check it out 6/23 @ 12pm @SL20B.

Comics Made In Second Life. I Found this really cool.



This Video I thought hit home for many New And Old users.


Real Estate Business in SL is Really Not This Easy!



This one is just TOO funny!


Oh And We Can’t do a SL Video Blog Without Our Friend Esteban Winsmore.

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