Launching Mirrors

PBR Terrain and 2k Textures in Second Life!

We are thrilled to officially launch three groundbreaking updates designed to elevate your virtual experience: Mirrors, PBR Terrain, and 2K Textures.


Mirrors: Step into a more immersive world with real-time reflections. Our new mirror functionality uses reflection probes, providing stunning and dynamic reflections. Perfect for adding realism to your virtual environments, whether it’s for a sleek modern home or a bustling city scape. You will find the options to make a reflection probe on the Build window, under Features.

PBR Terrain.jpg

PBR Terrain: Prepare to be amazed by the next level of terrain detail. With Physically Based Rendering (PBR), you can now apply advanced GLTF materials to your landscapes. This means your terrains can have intricate normal maps and metallic-roughness maps, bringing a new depth and realism to the ground beneath your feet.

Featurettes Viewer.jpg

2K Textures: Say hello to high-definition details. We have increased the maximum texture size from 1024×1024 to 2048×2048 pixels, allowing for more detailed and efficient textures. This upgrade is perfect for creators looking to enhance the visual richness of their builds, clothing, and objects.

These updates are designed to help you create more realistic and visually stunning environments in Second Life. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or just starting, these tools offer new possibilities for creativity and innovation.

Dive into these new features today and transform your creations. For more details and to stay updated on all the latest advancements, visit the Second Life Community Blog.

Download Second Life to enjoy these three new features now.

Thanks for your continued creation of beautiful content in Second Life. We can’t wait to see what you create with these exciting new tools.

Have a Great Week!

Inara Pey : Simurg’s mythical beauty in Second Life

Simurg’s mythical beauty in Second Life

Simurg, June 2024

Located within the north-west corner of a Full private region  which has been sub-divided into a series rental parcels, and which leverages the Land Capacity bonus, Simurg occupies a little under 4096 sq metres and is held by Lintu (KorppiLintu). It is offered as public space for visitors and photography, redressing it to suit the season and / or to offer different themes. The iteration I visited at the start of June 2024 carried the sub-title Ancient City, and contained a mix of ancient history wrapped with a touch of fantasy mythology.

Given its small size, the setting is seemingly easy to take in at a single glance, open to the water on two sides and the other two screened from the rest of the region intruding through the considered use of a main structure and two scenic backdrops. However, a simple glance can be deceptive; there is a lot more here than at first appears to be the case.

Simurg, June 2024

Perhaps the easiest way to think of the setting is as an ancient and once massive building – perhaps a temple; a place long since overcome by the passage of time. The landing point sits on the north side of the parcel, backed by great arches of a tall, ruined wall and looking across what was once a flagstone floor, now broken and open to flooding by the surrounding waters.

A good portion of this floor survives, pointing south-east towards stairs leading up to an antechamber apparently overlooking the rooftops of a large town or city suggestive of some where in Italy or southern Europe. Also pointing towards the antechamber  is a high wall mixed with rock formations which seems to form  the western boundary of the setting – although looking through its lower arches will reveal this is not the case.

Simurg, June 2024

Upon this wall, and looking down over the flagstones and water, is a line of statues which carry a Grecian styling about them. Further statues are set just above the waters at the base of this arched wall, although one of these is more Elven in look, thus providing one of the more fantasy elements to the setting. This is increased by the presence of stone-rendered sea beasts in the waters either side of the main flagstone floor. These in turn may have been called forth by the strange mer-like figures trumpeting the arrival of a figure upon a chariot and carrying a trident as he appears to have risen out of the sea behind the landing point.

All of this statutory add to the idea that this is a place steeped in history and legend (that charioted figure, for example, might well appear to be raiding up out of the sea, but he appears to in fact be Achilles, rather than any deity of the deep rising from the sea). However, little touches are add to the mix which bring together so much – as with the elven figures mentioned above, together with one of the statues within the antechamber also mentioned earlier. Rather than being something from ancient times, it is in fact a reproduction of a statue on the Honour Grave of Johannes Benk (1844-1914), located within the Vienna Central Cemetery, thus giving a further little twist to the setting’s narrative.

Simurg, June 2024

This great, semi-flooded hall is only a part of the setting. Sitting atop the high wall running on the west side, and above the statues thereon, sits a large table of rock forming a north-pointing promontory. Here, within a garden-like setting is evidence that however ancient the ruins below and around it might be, this is a place still very much in use. To one end stands the remnants of a modern brick-built structure with the bric-a-brac of modern life in and around it, presenting cosy place to sit and pass the time. facing it from the far end of the promontory is  wrought iron gazebo with table and chairs under its open top, offering another place to sit, whilst between them, the garden is split by water tumbling from above and then down a gaping hole it has tunnelled through the rock so it might fall onwards to join the waters below.

A glance down through the hole created by the waterfall reveals a little campsite tucked out-of-sight from the main ruins and sitting on a rocky outcrop. But how is it, and this elevated garden to be reached? There is no means by which to climb the ruins / rocks to reach it, and the waters surrounding and campsite on its outcrop appear too deep to wade through. The answer is to follow the trail skirting the waters flood a part of the ground level area and running north, away from the steps up to the antechamber.

Simurg, June 2024

Lit by electric or gas street lamps, this path leads the way to a teleport portal sitting within a door-like ring of stones. Obey the instruction of Click to Teleport, and you’ll be carried up to the garden. A second teleport tucked behind the brick ruins will then carry you down to the foot of the waterfalls. From here it is possible to take stepping stones back through an arch to the main part of the setting, or – despite the depth of the water between shore and campsite – walk to the little campsite without getting dunked, courtesy of an invisiprim.

Making excellent use of the available parcel space and vertical elevation, this iteration of Simurg has a welcoming mystical air to it. For me, this was increased by the parcel’s name: “Simurg” is one of the alternate spellings for the benevolent bird of Persian mythology, the simurgh. This is perhaps more happenstance than intentional – as noted, the parcel’s design seems to change over time (at least going by Lintu’s profile picks), rather than intentional – but it’s still a nice convergence between name and theme.

Simurg, June 2024

Certainly, the atmosphere within the setting is enhanced by the local environment settings (which I admittedly tweaked very slightly for the purposes of the images here), and brings together a mix of influences in a pleasing cocktail of sights and opportunities for photography. It might perhaps benefit for a slightly more immersive soundscape, but this is a very minor niggle and in no way detracts for the overall  beauty and appeal of Simurg.

SLurl Details

Simurg Ancient City (Myra rated Moderate)

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Coming to an Agni region near you, an update on changes to Voice!

We shared back in March our exciting news about our plans to support WebRTC Voice in Second Life.

We’ve made some great progress in the two months since we shared that news, namely:

  • Second Life WebRTC Voice Project Viewer is now available: Download
  • Second Life WebRTC Voice support deployed to Agni channel “Pop Rocks”

To experience spatial audio on this WebRTC Voice Beta region, you will need a WebRTC Voice-enabled Viewer. The WebRTC Voice-enabled viewer can also use voice on non-WebRTC voice-enabled regions. It is our goal that WebRTC-Voice-enabled Viewers can still communicate with all other viewers via P2P, conference and group calls.

You should immediately notice the higher quality audio for voice as well as the following benefits:

  • Improved security
  • Removes external dependency on third-party provider for voice
  • Simple setup from behind firewalls and private networks
  • Enables greater control of voice operation in the viewer
  • WebRTC features including audio device selection, stereo audio, noise reduction, automatic gain control, and echo cancellation

There are some known issues:

  • Conference/Group/P2P in WebRTC is not yet available on the WebRTC Voice regions.
  • An occasional popup regarding voice server incompatibility can appear. Restart voice if you see this.
  • The viewer may crash if you connect/disconnect headphones or enable/disable voice.
  • Voice morphing is not available in this WebRTC-Voice enabled region.

We plan to keep working on the WebRTC Voice Project Viewer and promote it to Release Candidate status in early June. Please share your feedback and any issues found in our feedback portal. We’ll continue to deploy updates to the WebRTC Voice region during this time.

For Third Party Viewer developers, please check out this branch: 

Consult the documentation for more information.

We look forward to WebRTC Voice being available grid-wide and supported in our default Viewer and TPVs!

Have a good day from all of us at Zoha Islands And Fruit Islands

Second Life Community Exhibition – May 2024 Expansion

Second Life Community Exhibition – May 2024 Expansion



As part of our effort to better connect virtual world newcomers with some of the best and most active inworld communities, on January 30th we announced the Second Life Community Exhibition (SLCE).

On May 1st we expanded the SLCE with the addition of 10 new exhibits, bringing more diversity and creativity to the showcase. This second phase not only enriches our current offerings but also introduces five larger parcels, designed to provide more space and opportunities for immersive experiences.

Joining our initial group of esteemed exhibitors: 

  • Bay City
  • Nonprofit Commons Oasis
  • Virtual Ability
  • BURN2
  • Boystown
  • Caledon
  • Furzona
  • LWN – Second Norway
  • Drivers of SL
  • Confederation of Democratic Simulators
  • Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy

We are proud to welcome these new participants:

  • Baunatal German Community
  • Islands of New England
  • The Nature Collective
  • FOCUS Art Magazine and Galleries
  • The Teegle Equestrian Community
  • Leeward Cruising Club
  • Premier Wrestling
  • The Lighthouse: Support & Meetings
  • Virtual Worlds Education Consortium
  • American Cancer Society

These additions enhance the variety within our exhibition and foster a supportive and engaging environment for all Residents. Explore these communities and connect with the unique cultures and initiatives each new exhibit brings to Second Life!

We plan to expand and cycle in more communities continuously, so if you are interested in being considered, please fill out the application form



Second Life Community Exhibition

The Second Life Community Exhibition (SLCE) is designed to showcase a variety of communities to new Residents right from the start, by featuring them prominently at the Welcome Hub, a key initial gathering spot. We will regularly update the exhibition with a diverse mix of community showcases.

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Enhancing Our World Together

Important Updates for the Second Life Community

At Second Life, we are committed to creating a richer, more immersive, and safer environment for everyone. With that spirit, we’re excited to share several important updates and developments that not only aim to improve our virtual world but also ensure that our community continues to thrive in a safe and engaging manner.

Bringing Second Life Everywhere: Mobile and Desktop Updates

Our development team is working tirelessly to make Second Life accessible wherever you are, whether you’re on a mobile device or sitting at your desktop. While our Mobile App is still in Private Alpha, we’re looking forward to expanding access to more members of our community shortly. Our new App promises to bring all the richness and beauty of Second Life directly to your mobile phones and tablets. Don’t miss our latest developer update video for a sneak peek at what’s coming!

On the desktop front, we’re gearing up for a wider release of some of your most requested features for the Second Life Official Viewer. We’re particularly excited about rolling out innovations like Mirrors and 2K textures, which were showcased in a recent “Lab Gab” video.

Making Second Life Safer: Strengthening Community Protections

Our priority has always been to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all while preserving the freedom of expression that makes our virtual world so special. That’s why we’re working to further enhance the safety and protection of the Second Life platform. These efforts include strengthening some of our community and employee policies as well as evaluating improvements to our age verification process. 

One area of ongoing scrutiny both internally and externally concerns child-presenting avatars. We recognize and want to acknowledge the vibrant community of residents who enjoy roleplaying as such, and we also feel that it is crucial to reinforce our stance that sexualized ageplay is strictly prohibited. Today, we are updating our Child Avatar Policy to ensure a clear separation and to safeguard all community members. We know that this update has the potential to cause confusion or concern in our community, so we’ve prepared an FAQ which we will continue to update as questions come up.

Strengthening Internal Policies and Community Engagement

We recently posted our initial response to community concerns about alleged violations of company and community policies by employees, contractors, and community members. Since that time, we have conducted multiple thorough investigations to look closely at whether there were specific infractions or problematic interactions that needed us to take action. 

The investigation determined that all Lindens and contractors have stayed in compliance with our own community guidelines, as well as unwritten, ethical guidelines. I do not make this statement lightly, and I know there will be plenty of discussion. What I can say is that there is no incentive, monetary or otherwise, for me to mislead the community. At some point, the community has to trust that we, the Lindens, do well when the community thrives. We may make mistakes along the way, and we know that our community will engage with us when we do. Second Life is an enormous virtual world and we have to walk a very fine line between policing and preserving freedoms while also protecting the future growth and health of Second Life as a platform that respects diversity and creative expression among our community.

The findings did highlight opportunities for improvement. As a result, we are making updates to our internal policies to raise the standard for how Linden employees should respectfully engage with community members. This addresses multiple forms of engagement including how we present ourselves, how we interact with the community (even in moments of conflict), and how we minimize the perception of conflict of interest and favoritism in our interactions. Additionally, there have been specific actions we have initiated or finalized:

  • Updated our Child Avatar Policy 
  • Updated our internal Policies and Procedures
  • Implemented personnel changes
  • Initiated management improvement programs
  • Committed to Community Round tables (see below)
  • Committed to increased transparency and accountability

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce the launch of our Community Round table with Second Life Leadership. The first one is scheduled for May 20 at 9:30-11 a.m. PT. This will be an opportunity for community members to connect directly with our top executives, share your input, and discuss ideas on enhancing Second Life. This initiative represents another step in our efforts to improve our community interactions, ensuring that your voice is more directly heard and valued.

I will be a part of the first Community Round table and welcome you all to attend. 

Building a Better Second Life Together

All of these updates and initiatives are part of our broader drive to continually improve Second Life. Stay tuned for more, participate in upcoming events, and let’s make Second Life better together.

Oberwolf Linden

Have a great week from all of us at Zoha Islands/Fruit Islands

2024 Spoonful Of Sugar Festival

The Spoonful of Sugar Festival
We believe the simplest form of compassion is to simply care for the life of another. And we believe medical care to be the most fundamentally basic means by which to do that. – The Spoonful Of Sugar Festival Mission Statement Friends, As we all know, the global crises MSF faces right now are incredibly urgent. And these are the kinds of polarizing events that can steal our focus from one another as human beings if we are not mindful. Through my own sea of frustration and sorrows and even anger, I know, it can be a challenge to keep this mission simple. But this is not the time to become immobilized by grief or distracted by personal agendas. Not when WE are so graced to be relatively safe where we are and are so graced to have the very basics we need to move from just one day to the next. We are graced to be able to help. So we help. I talk to a lot of you and I find most of you are looking for a way to do that. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières is a worldwide movement that was founded in Paris, France in 1971. They serve in over 70 countries at any given time. The Spoonful Of Sugar, founded in 2015, exists to serve MSF and In that time has raised close to $140,000 USD (Ooh La La, Indeed!) for this magnificent cause that serves patients. Not races, not religions or other social biases. Just patients. And Second Life, this outrageously beautiful and open-minded platform ALSO WITHOUT borders, brings it EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. Please join us this September 7th through the 22nd, as we celebrate our TENTH Spoonful Of Sugar Festival in, (but of course!) PARIS, FRANCE! See how over 200 virtual Business people, Creators, Artists and Performers AND MIMES show their support for this critically needed, worldwide medical support organization. Show YOUR support without borders. As they say at MSF: “Don’t throw your money out the window, throw it FURTHER!” Peace, Ever Courtois, Co-Founder, Coordinator Angelique Wickentower, Co-Founder Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières : “This charity’s score is 98%, earning it a Four-Star rating. If this organization aligns with your passions and values, you can give with confidence.” –
Visit the MSF event page Make a donation Track donation totals

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