Fruit Islands – Interesting Places

Hang Out Areas

Frozen Banana – Beach & Surf Sim

Fig – Hang Out Islands

Citrus – Underwaterworld

Raisin – Volcanic Island


Bael Marina

Mango Marina

Rangpur Marina

Each Marina has it’s own Yacht Club & Hang Out Area


Cafe Frozen Banana

Cafe Fruit Islands

Cafe Graviola

Cafe Rangpur

Boat & Kayak Rezzers

Fig Kayak Rezzers

Pomelo – Kayak Rezzers

Pitanga – Sea Boss Rider

7 Seas Fishing

7 Seas Fishing – Ambarella

7 Seas Fishing – Fig

7 Seas Fishing – Fruit Islands

7 Seas Fishing – Mango

7 Seas Fishing – Pomelo

Fish Hunt and Gold Hunter Area

Fruit Islands Marina – Fish Hunt Area

Hang Out Islands

Ambarella – Japanese Hut & Radio

Carambola – Raft with Tent & Cuddle Bed

Clementine – Fishing Huts

Durian – Hang Out Island with Hot Tub

Fruit Islands – Emerald Lagoon

Guava – Green Island

Hala – Hang Out Island with Beach Raft & Picnic Blanket

Kiwi – Hang Out Island with Campfire & Tree Platform

Marang – Islet with Shell Bed & Radio

Passion Fruit – Hang Out Island with Campfire

Pitaya – Houseboat & Islet

Platonia – Hang Out Islet with Gazebo

Pomelo – Hang Out Island with Shack & Hot Tub

Rambutan – Hang Out Island with Loungers & Radio

Tamarind – Island with Hammock


Main Airport – Graviola

Frozen Banana – Airstrip

Chenet – Airport


Guava – Underwater World

Coconut – Underwater World

Avocado – Underwater World

Citrus – Underwater World

Annato – Mini Underwater World

Graviola – Underwater Discovery


Fruit Islands Caves

Frozen Banana Caves

Mini Rainforest

Fruit Islands – Mini Rainforest

The Mango Marina Club – Live Events

Mango Marina – Live Events

Siren’s Call Nightclub

Siren’s Call

Ruins Chapel

Ruins Wedding Chapel – Available for Weddings – Please contact staff for more info via Support Form

Main Office and Sales Locations

Fruit Islands Skybox Office

Mango Marina – Sales Office & Tier Terminals