Happy Spring To All!

It’s time to catch you all up on recent product developments! Continue reading for mobile updates, scripting news, new feedback portal (and end-of-life for JIRA), and Viewer releases.


📱 Mobile Private Alpha Update

Big and small updates! This is a reminder that Premium Plus members can apply to participate in our Mobile Private Alpha. If you are a Premium Plus subscriber, and you’re ready to try the app and help us make it better, find out more.

We recently updated the Second Life Mobile Alpha to support streaming audio! You can enjoy music in Second Life on your mobile device while hanging out with friends inworld. Streaming audio is off by default. To turn it on, go to Settings > Developer tools > Enable Streaming Audio.

We have brought you a couple of new Chat UI features:

  • Start a new chat from any chat screen
  • On the Nearby Chat screen, see how many people are nearby.


Next up – teleport and avatar display improvements. We think we’ve got avatar shapes figured out…and the real challenge – skeleton deformers – are also in the works!

🐛 JIRA end-of-life



Yes, the king is dead, long live the king! While we have said goodbye to Jira as the platform for collaboration with our residents as well as for internal issue tracking, we believe this has allowed us to improve visibility and collaboration. 

The new Second Life Feedback Portal is a great place for any new bug reports or feature requests, while the public Second Life Viewer project on GitHub is where we continue our open-source work. 

Speaking of the Second Life Feedback Portal, it has already received 672 posts, 2635 comments, and 6426 votes! We thank you for your enthusiastic participation. We have made many updates since we first introduced it in January including a whole new UI and dark mode (based on your system settings). We will continue to improve the feedback portal and, most importantly, review all the incoming reports and requests!

Although Jira is dead, the archive remains. As mentioned in our Pt. 2 blog post, the Jira archive of the Second Life BUG project on GitHub is now available. You can find the public BUG archive at https://github.com/secondlife/jira-archive/issues. The archive currently contains most of the previously public Jira tickets from the original BUG project. However, there are a few that we are still moving over. It does NOT include tickets that previously had restricted access.

👩‍💻 Scripting changes

Out now: Increased sensor result limit

We’ve increased the maximum number of results returned by llSensor and llSensorRepeat from 16 to 32. This will reduce the need for workarounds such as repeatedly scanning small slices of space.

Coming soon: llSetLinkSitFlags, llGetLinkSitFlags, SIT_FLAG_NO_COLLIDE

In an upcoming server release we will be allowing scripts to set and get the sit flags of linkset sit targets via llSetLinkSitFlags and llGetLinkSitFlags. In addition, scripts will be able to set the SIT_FLAG_NO_COLLIDE flag to disable the avatar’s collision volume when they are seated. This will be useful for clown cars and other creations.

Scripting roadmap

Status of these upcoming changes and more are visible on Second Life’s new public roadmap at feedback.secondlife.com. If you have ideas or feedback on the scripting system check out the Scripting Features and Scripting Bugs boards.

🪀 Creator news

Coming soon: 15% reduction to mesh download impact

Download weight is one parameter used as part of calculating an object’s Land Impact (LI).  We will be reducing this by 15%, decreasing the land impact of many mesh assets.

LI for mesh-based objects is either download weight, physics or server cost, whichever is greatest. This change will not impact animesh or mesh upload fees.

Coming soon: Scheduling automatic daily region restarts

This feature has been on people’s wish lists for many years. Estate managers will soon be able to schedule automatic region restarts via the region console:

> help region_schedule
    Display or modify scheduled region events.
    An empty parameter list will display the current schedule.
    unset <event>:  Removes the scheduled event.
    set <event> daily HH::MM::SS will set the event to occur daily at the scheduled time.
    set <event> weekly days HH::MM::SS will set the event to occur on the indicated days at the scheduled time.
       S=Sun, M=Mon, T=Tue, W=Wed, R=Thurs, F=Fri, A=Sat
    Note: Times are in GMT

While most regions do not need to be restarted more frequently than weekly, which is automatically scheduled, some regions with high traffic may benefit from more frequent restarts. When you restart a region, keep in mind that everyone on the region will be kicked out.

💻 Viewers

Maintenance Viewer

GLTF PBR Maint 2 contains another round of fixes and refinements to PBR rendering, including a preview of Materials from Inventory while editing objects. Download version and check out the release notes.


Default Viewer

😀 Emoji

This viewer was finally promoted to default release and is based on a contribution by Kitty Barnett, adding emoji support to text chat.


Featurettes sneak peek!

Our Post Materials Featurette Package is sharing early access to:

  • Mirrors
  • PBR Terrain
  • 2k textures

Initially this will only be available on our Beta Grid (Aditi). Please keep your eye on our blog as we will post more details in the coming days.



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