ZoHa Islands – Frequently Asked Questions


I set my land to group but the people in my group cannot access “About Land” functions?

You need to DEED the land to a group not only set.
Make sure you go into about land -> Set group -> Click “Allow to deed land” checkbox then hit the deed button which will be active now.
Please note this must be a group you own or have rights to deed into.

How do I deed my land to a new group?

Go into about land sell your land to you for 0L, buy it back, use a new group.

My Land music is not working.

Streams in SL do die off quite often. Please try a couple of other music URLs to see if that is working.  If nothing still please file a ticket as your land may need a restart.

I do not wish to renew my land. What do I do?

CLEAR the land and hit ABANDON the land via “About Land”.

I want to merge two or more parcels together on the land itself?

Make sure both are in the same group or have the same owner (this is very important).  Then go to the centre of both parcels -> right click -> edit terrain -> drag the yellow selection square a bit over into each parcel (to turn on property lines go to world menu -> show more and tick on property lines) then hit join to merge the lands into one.

Can I change my terrain textures?

If you are on a Parcel, you cannot as the terrain texture changes for the entire region which is shared.
If you own a Full Region you CAN change the terrain via Regional Tools.
(Alt+R or World Menu-> Region Details)

How can I check how many scripts are running on my parcel?

      Right click the ground or go to about land, Script Info


My Tier Meter I got from your office or in my welcome pack is not reading correctly.

Re-rez the tier meter from your inventory and click on it to see the chat in local, this will display your time remaining.

I paid via PayPal and I don’t see it in on my account?

It can take up to 24 hrs for this to show up on your account, the payments go directly to the owners account and need to be manually input.

I want to merge my tier payments for parcels on the same sim?

Visit the tier terminal and make sure all parcels you wish to join are to the SAME amount of days remaining.  Submit a ticket requesting Tier Merge of parcels.

I want to sell my land to another avatar or my alt. What do I do?

Both parties need to submit a ticket, approving the change over.

I want to add someone to my tiers as a payee.

Submit a ticket with the avatars legacy username so we can add them for payment, they will be added promptly and your new payee can see it by visiting the terminal and seeing they have payment options.

I need to request a tier extension or my payment maybe late. What do I do?

Submit a ticket with date you intend to pay, your SLURL, and Support will look over it on a case by case basis based on your payment history.