ZoHa Islands – Promotion Full Prim Sim

Do you want to have your own FULL PRIM sim but don’t want to invest 600.00 US$ to buy your sim from Linden Lab?

Then we have THE solution for you!
Rent a stand alone Full Prim Sim from ZoHa Islands: 65,536 m² – 20,000 prims

FULL Estate Manager Rights:

  • Monitor script usage, collissions and lag.
  • Restart your sim when needed.
  • Write your own covenant: your sim, your rules!
  • Reselling and reclaiming of land allowed.
  • Change the rating of the sim into general, moderate or adult.
  • Up to 7 Estate Managers.
  • Send messages to all users on a sim via a popup notification.
  • Up to 100 avatars at one moment on the sim.
  • Enable/disable land resell, land divide, fly, terraforming, pushing, scripts, collissions,
  • physics, voice, direct TP, …
  • Change the elevation ranges and terrain textures of the sim into grass, beach, snow, …
  • Change the object bonus, default water height and sun settings.
  • Return all scripted and/or non scipted objects of one user from the sim.
  • Allow/block public or group access.
  • Ban users estate wide.
  • …, …, …

When needed the name of your SIM can be choosen at the following cost:
One time fee of 13,450 L$ or 50.00 US$ via PayPal.

FREE RAW Terrain File:
We can load a RAW Terrain File from our shop for FREE.
Click here for more information about our RAW terrain files.

Professional support: We offer a 24 hour response guarantee.

No down payment – No investment required: 0L$ purchase price!

TIER: Only 16,995 L$ per week!

It’s possible to upgrade to a 30,000 prim region at one time cost of $30 USD or 8,200 L$. The weekly tier for a 30,000 prim region is 21,995 L$

Complete our request form or visit our sales office if you need more information. Our staff is 24/7 available.