The Master Plan to Organize your SL Inventory and Keep it Clean!

One of the most difficult features for both newbies and veterans of Second Life to manage is the hard to navigate and terribly messy inventory system. Folders upon folders of outdated products, duplicates, lost items, and things you completely forgot you purchased are all hidden somewhere in the depths of folders you’ve accumulated over time.

But don’t worry! It doesn’t have to be a scary endeavor to manage. We’ve gathered some guidelines and secret tips to get your inventory freshened up and easy to navigate!

New year, new inventory. Find a sandbox, hop on your pose stand, and let’s get started!

** Note, we’ll be demonstrating these tips using Firestorm Viewer – your interface may look different, but the tips should still be applicable for many versions and viewers!

Create the Basic Folders

Start by outlining the basic structure of items you have. To begin, don’t get too detailed! Reorganize your items into their very general folder, then you can go back into each folder and make sub-categories later on.

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Body
  • Hair
  • Decorations
  • Furniture
  • Buildings & Structures
  • Animals
  • Cars & Riders
  • Textures
  • Poses
  • Animations & Dances
  • Holiday
  • Games
  • Scripts

Everyone’s inventory is very different. You’ll be able to customize this outline specific to you – and you’ll most certainly be adding folders as you go!

Again, make sure at this step you are only making the very general folders, then going back into each folder later to organize them further. This will help make a big task not so daunting to start!

Delete the Demos

Before you get started, do a quick inventory search for ‘DEMO’. Delete any demo folders and objects that may be hanging around – you can always go get another one for free if you really did need it! But chances are, they’re just taking up space.

Unpack Your Received Items  (& delete the boxes they came in!)

The first step I like to take before doing the real organizing is to empty the packages out of my ‘Received Objects’ folder. 9 times out of 10 when you purchase an item, the designer will send you a folder with one box. That box has the real goodies inside and is meant to be unpacked. Sometimes we unpack the item and forget to delete the folder and box it came in.

Go through your received items and see if you have any folders you already unpacked but forgot to delete. If you’re not sure, unpack it again. You can always delete the duplicates later.

If you find a Received Item that is not packaged and already unpacked within the folder, you can move that to one of your main folders now.

Unpack your Objects (& delete the boxes they came in!)

Once your received items folder is empty, we can move onto the Objects folder! This folder is also one of the places that unpacked items you purchase can end up. You can delete boxes here that you’ve already unpacked, or unpack them again to be sure.

You will have a lot of items in here that are not in a box. For instance if you picked up an item from a Gacha Mall that was already unpacked, it will end up here. We of course don’t want to delete the goodies, so place these items into the folders they belong in.

Woohoo! Another clean folder. We’re getting closer to being able to easily navigate our inventory.

Linked (Lost) Items

Looking for an item you SWEAR you had and know the name of, but can’t find for the life of you?

If you’ve ever accidentally forgot to pay rent and had your items sent back to you in a big cluster, you may have some items in your inventory that have a grid cube next to them like this:

This is because you either picked up a bunch of items together, or someone returned items to you all at once in a group. Find a big open sandbox and rez this item. Everything will be rezzed just the way it was picked up, and one by one you can pick up those objects and they’ll be returned to where they belong.

There’s that platter of burritos I’ve been looking for…

Drag & Drop!

Now you’re ready for the big task, getting all of your objects and folders into their main category.

Personally, for a single item within a folder, I like to take out the item and delete the folder it came in. This just reduces the number of clicks to get me to what I want and removes all of the note cards and landmarks I have a thousand of.

Below are a couple of tips to help you do this…

Multiple Inventory Windows

After 8 years in SL I finally discovered this life saving inventory tip. Two inventory windows to drag and drop items from side to side.

Open up your inventory tab, and in the bottom left corner click on the gear. Choose ‘New Inventory Window’ – and viola!

You now have two inventory windows to work with. I like to use one to keep open the folder I am working with, for instance ‘Shoes’. Then in the other, I search for all of the shoes I have to drag into the other window. Such a time and frustration saver!

Filter by Type

Useful for finding all of your Animations, Gestures, Landmarks, Scripts, ect is the filtering feature. In your inventory window click on the gear in the bottom left corner. Then click on ‘Show Filters…’. Here you can only click the checkbox of the item you want to find, for instance Gestures. Then, drag all of your gestures into the gestures folder to make digging around for them a whole lot easier!

In this example, I would go through and delete all of the baghold animations as well. A good touch to a purchase! But I don’t need those anymore..

Delete those Pesky Duplicates

When an item is copy, you may find yourself placing and picking up multiple versions.

The item you want to keep is the one that is simply (transfer) delete all of the (no modify) (no transfer) items. You will still have a copy you can place a thousand times!

A good habit to get into is deleting copy items that you want to remove from your sim rather than picking them back up. You will still have the main item in inventory, but you don’t need more than that!

Delete Unneeded Sizes

Never going to use that size XXXXXS that your sweater came in? Delete it! Keep the one, or ones that you will use. This will help you know exactly which one to attach the next time you go to wear it! And remember, if you end up needing another size down the line, you can always redeliver.

Resist the Hoarding Temptation

If you don’t know what an item is, rez it or try it on. If it’s hideous and you would never want your friends to see it… it’s time to say goodbye.

Yes, I mean to that beautiful prim dress you purchased in the summer of 2010 and haven’t tried on since. You can do it, be strong.

Sub Category Organizing

Once you’ve finished organizing all of your items and folders into their main folder, you can go back in and organize them further if you wish. An example would be:

  • Hair
    • Short
    • Long
    • Updo
    • Occasion


  • Hair
    • Blonde
      • Short
      • Long
      • Updo
      • Occasion
    • Brunette
    • Black
    • Red
    • Pastel

Make this specific to your items and inventory – organize however you want!


Now that the hard work is done and you’ve got a squeaky clean inventory, make sure to keep it clean by:

  • Deleting the boxes and folders that you’re goodies came in
  • Deleting demos after you’ve tried them out
  • Organizing into your main folders as often as possible
  • Unpacking linked/lost items as soon as  you see them
  • Deleting copies rather than keeping multiple
  • Deleting sizes of clothing you’ll never use
  • Deleting old outdated items that you’ll never use again

Managing your inventory may seem like a daunting task, but the time it will take you to do it will save you just as much when you go looking for that item you have in mind!

Take it in small steps and work on it day by day. You may just find some hidden treasures you forgot about along the way!

Good luck!

Delilah Greyson (amoralie.triellis)
ZoHa Islands Blogger

Keep Your Second Life Safe

Second Life SafeOnline safety is just as important in Second Life as it is anywhere else. While Second Life itself ensures a lot of safeguards and TOS to keep things streamlined, there are a lot of instances where a user may learn the hard way that there are simply some unsavory people in our blissful virtual existence. So let me share some tips on how to avoid some common scenarios and ensure your Second Life is even safer.

1. The almighty Catfish

Catfishing is very common in Second Life. Now, I am well aware that Second Life is a place of escapism for many. Many people want to be whatever and whoever they want to be. However when you’re finding that someone wants to get to know you on a more personal level, it’s sort of important to ensure that what they’re sharing is accurate.

I had learned the hard way that people will seriously put on a false persona not just in Second Life, but also falsify their real lives as well. In one instance a few years ago, I spent two months involved with someone in Second Life that pretty much lied about everything. Had pictures of themselves “real life”, a whole backstory, job they didn’t really have, etc etc. However, I noticed that they would never talk on voice (and always had a reason not to) so when I pushed for them to meet outside of the game, of course they went running. Ultimately my gut instinct proved to be correct.

Here are some simple ways to ensure that the person you’re talking to isn’t putting on a show about who they really are:

• Have them speak on voice. If they are unwilling to speak on voice, there is a good chance they’re hiding their real life gender and/or real life relationship status. In rare cases, they could also be hiding that they’re not the age they say they are (I’ve heard of spotty stories where minors have hopped onto other people’s accounts).
• Skype is a wonderful thing. Ask them to do a Skype video call. Again, this is appropriate where someone is claiming they want to invest time with you and claim there’s potential outside of Second Life. This way, you can see that they are who they say they are.
• Did they send you a picture? Reverse search the image to make sure they didn’t steal someone else’s. Ultimately, this was exactly what I did to nail the person I was speaking with. I found out they were the opposite gender from what they claimed, and that they had been stealing pictures from some poor college-aged sap. Go HERE to upload and reverse search an image.
• If they’re local to you, ask them to meet up in a safe public place. Not many will have this option, but a request to go for coffee could confirm or eliminate any worry.

2. The Scammer
One thing that happens too often is that you meet someone that seems like a decent person. Within a few weeks they become “good” friends or more and then….BAM! They suddenly have some life altering crisis where they are financially strapped. They may start asking you for money, Lindens, things to be sent to them.

Honestly, this should really be avoided unless it’s a situation where here is a supported fundraiser by a recognized group (for example, when Linden Lab’s supports a fundraiser for someone who is ill in real life) or it’s someone that you truly have confirmed everything for in the “catfish” section and have known for a while. But, in most cases, it’s a sign you need to run screaming. Panhandling in SL is otherwise a huge no-no.

And, it’s said a lot, but don’t click any mystery links in chat, profiles or elsewhere in Second Life. People have links that alter your avatar totally, mess up your computer etc. If you don’t know them well, don’t click.

3. The Alt

This is common, this is easily avoided. There are some folks that are simply an alternative account (meaning, a spinoff of the original) and may engage in behavior geared towards taking advantage of others. Here are some simple things to check when deciding if someone’s account is suspicious:

• If they look like they are head to toe mesh and well-versed in Second Life ways (emoting, animation override, has a lot of land, heavily into breedables or some other time-intensive activity) but their account is less than 4 months old, that’s an instant red flag.
• When in doubt, ask. Sometimes people have a reasonable explanation, but generally speaking if you have to pry, it’s not a good sign. Some people do have business alts, some have ones for when they want to not be in their roleplay character, etc. Those folks tend to be straightforward about it.
• Read their profile. If they say something to the tune of “getting a fresh start” that’s a pretty blatant indication of an alt. It’s also an indication of so much drama on a previous account that they decided to ditch it and create a new one.

4. This goes without saying, but…….

Never share your password. Sometimes this seems like this is in dire circumstances but honestly, I’ve seen too many people lose their entire balance, their businesses and their inventory due to trusting the wrong person with their credentials.

Those are just some basic tips to keep your Second Life safe and easy. Have you ever had a crazy experience that was a tough lesson? Any surefire ways you utilize to avoid those pesky people out to cause issues? I want to hear them!

Bria Oceanside
ZoHa Blogger/Social Media

Giftbot Discount Scam in Second Life

It never fails to amaze me at the lengths people will go to get something that doesn’t belong to them. How these people sleep at night is beyond me. But sure as the sun rises in the east, if there is a way for a scammer to get your money, be it real life dollars or Linden dollars, they will do it. Strawberry Singh recently blogged about a scam (that’s a clickable link) that is going around SL right now called the Giftbot Discount Scam.

Strawberry landed at Glam Affair and as soon as she landed there, she received an object from a one day old Second Life resident. The object was supposedly a discount object that claimed it would give her 60% off at Glam Affair, where she had just landed. Apparently many merchants have been complaining about these giftbot avatars that send these kinds of things to their customers as soon as they land on the sim. It’s basically an object and once you wear/attach/rez it, you get this kind of message asking you to give it access to your linden dollars:

gift bot

Because people have received this object that is supposedly for the store where they just landed, they trust the object and accept without really reading. Too late, they realize that the bot script has stolen all their lindens. Every content creator tries to make sure their customers have a pleasant shopping experience and their sim is a safe place to shop. These kinds of things can make that difficult.

Strawberry goes on to say:

“Unfortunately there is not much the content creators can do aside from letting Linden Lab know about the account and banning it from their sim. However, . . . it’s futile since these are bots and a new one is created by the culprits within minutes to replace the banned one.

“If this sort of thing happens to you, these are the steps that you can take:

• Deny/Delete Object: Immediately deny or delete object without attaching, rezzing or wearing from your inventory.
• Report: File an Abuse Report against that resident/bot right away to make Linden Lab aware of it so they can take the appropriate action.
• Block: Block/Mute that avatar/bot right away.
• Inform Sim Owner: It might be a good idea to also let the sim owner know, even though they cannot do much else but ban from the sim.

“Most of these bots that you may encounter on popular sims will be named ‘shopsdiscount’ or ‘giftbot’ or something similar. So if you encounter an avatar like that, especially if they are only a few days old, please don’t accept anything from them. However, be aware that the names change frequently, it’s not really the name of the avatar that matters. What matters is the entire idea about this discount/free gift scam that you need to be aware of , watch out for and also tell your friends and family about. We don’t need more people losing money to these scammers.

“Hopefully if you ever experience this kind of script asking for permission to access your lindens, you will make sure the source is a legit one and you will read it carefully before accepting because this kind of message and script is used legitimately in certain situations. [There are some] instances in which you may accept giving permission to access your lindens:

• If you are a shopper, certain vendors that have shop at home HUDs sometimes require access.
• If you are a merchant and setup a certain type of vendor, you may need to give access for various reasons such as: to give refunds to your customers in certain situations.
• For a vendor at an event or rental sharing percentage with landlord.
• For different charity or partnership vendors.
• If you are a DJ, perhaps you may need to give access to a tip jar if you are splitting tips with club or host.”

There are certain legitimate situations where this kind of script for giving access to your lindens is acceptable. Just keep in mind that these scams are out there, and if you do not 100% know what the thing is and where it came from, and are not entirely certain it is legit: DO NOT ALLOW! It’s just not worth the risk! When in doubt, throw it out!

I hope this raises your awareness of this latest scam. We all need to watch out for one another and pass this information along so that hopefully these scammers will no longer have victims in Second Life.

I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers, ZoHa Islands Blogger/Social Media

Windows 10 and Second Life

Just a quick note about Windows 10 and SL compatibility:

After my post yesterday, a resident messaged me and told me they could not use SL after they upgraded to Windows 10. The first time after I upgraded to Windows 10, I also tried logging into SL without luck (I use Firestorm viewer).

However, what I discovered was that the graphics drivers have to be updated after you install Windows 10, and that is not something that Windows 10 prompts you to do. Apparently the upgrade rolls your graphics card drivers back to their original version. If you try Windows 10 and are not able to log in, try updating your graphics drivers and see if that makes a difference.

I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers, ZoHa Islands Blogger/Social Media

Windows 10 Privacy Concerns

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you are aware that the Windows 10 update has been released. Naturally, it isn’t without it’s flaws, and one of the biggest is the concerns about privacy. Many articles and blog posts have been written about the intrusion by Microsoft into your personal information, such as the one rumor flying around that Microsoft will use your computer (and thus your bandwidth) to send out updates to other users. Is there much ado about nothing, or does the public have some valid concerns? I upgraded to Windows 10 just a few days ago, and wish now that I’d read this before installing. But read on!

Ask Bob Rankin‘s blog tells about five things you must do now to protect your privacy on your Windows 10 OS.

If you allow Windows 10 to upgrade your existing system automatically, as I did, it will enable many default settings that you may not want enabled.

Bob discovered five privacy-related features you may want to tweak or disable. Here they are…I lifted this directly from the article, which you can find by clicking here: Do These 5 Things Now.

“Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO) is a peer-to-peer file distribution server, like a Bittorrent client, built right into Win 10. WUDO doesn’t just speed up delivery of Windows updates to you. Instead, pieces of the Win 10 installation and update files on your machine and/or local network may be distributed to other Win 10 users who need them.
Windows 10 Privacy settings

“Instead of investing in a global content-delivery system, Microsoft is using YOUR upload bandwidth to distribute its product! There’s no evidence that WUDO is a threat to your privacy or security, it’s just a bit icky. And who knows if it might not be subverted by Evil Hackers tomorrow?

“If you have a fast Internet connection (especially the upload speed), you’re a trusting soul, and you don’t mind facilitating the distribution of Windows 10 to your friends and neighbors, do nothing. But if you prefer to disable WUDO, follow these steps:
•Open the Start Menu
•Click or tap “Settings”
•Select “Update & security”
•In the left-side pane, select “Windows Update”
•In the right-side pane, select “Advanced options”
•In the new right-side pane that opens, select “Choose how updates are delivered”
•Move the slider control under “Updates from more than one place” to “OFF”

“WiFi Sense is a Win 10 (and Windows Phone) feature that I think is nonsense. It lets your contacts, Facebook “friends,” and Skype contacts share your WiFi network without knowing the network key. You get access to their WiFi networks, too. But I don’t want share my WiFi with all of those contacts, and WiFi Sense does not permit discrimination at the individual level. Also, if some of your contacts have your network key and use WiFi Sense, you may get total strangers using your WiFi.

“Fortunately, this feature is also optional. To learn more about WiFi Sense, and for instructions on how to disable it, see my article Is Windows 10 WiFi Sense Nonsense?

“Should you opt out of personalized ads? This one is tricky. With ad personalization turned on, Microsoft will try to show you the ads that are chosen ‘based on the sites that you visit, your online searches and more.’ Some find this useful, and some find it creepy, when they see ads for products directly related to web pages they’ve recently browsed. Turning off ad personalization won’t turn off ads, but it will ensure that the ads you see are completely unrelated to your interests. Again, Microsoft makes it easy to turn it off; just visit this link and toggle tracking “off” in your browser and on your Microsoft account, if you ever use one.

“But don’t think that ends the collection of data about your online or even offline activities. Consider what’s in the privacy policy linked at the bottom of the page:

” ‘Microsoft collects data to operate effectively and provide you the best experiences with our services. You provide some of this data directly, such as when you create a Microsoft account, submit a search query to Bing, speak a voice command to Cortana, upload a document to OneDrive, or contact us for support. We get some of it by recording how you interact with our services by, for example, using technologies like cookies, and receiving error reports or usage data from software running on your device. We also obtain data from third parties (including other companies).’

Cortana is a personal assistant built into Windows 10. It’s ability to respond to voice commands is similar to Siri on the iPhone, or the “OK Google” feature on Android phones. Some pundits believe that Cortana is the omnipresent, silent observer of everything you do, online or offline, reporting it back to Microsoft. I’m not so sure about that. But to disable Cortana and end the collection of data through it, type “cortana” in the search box and click on the first link in the search results (system settings). Then slide the off/on switch to “OFF”.

“Last but not least, wade through the 13 pages (yes, thirteen!) of Privacy Settings and turn off whatever seems appropriate. Type “privacy settings” in the search box to find the link to that system settings page.

“It’s a bit tedious to batten down the privacy hatches in Windows 10. But at least Microsoft makes it possible to do so. And remember, this isn’t just an issue with Microsoft. Most of the snooping (and perhaps more) that Windows 10 does is also done by Google and Facebook.

“Google recently implemented a Security and Privacy Dashboard that makes it fairly easy to understand and manage the related settings. But Facebook gives you few privacy controls, and obscures their privacy and data collection policies in a collection of documents containing over 20,000 words.

“Don’t get me wrong on Windows 10. For the most part, I’m very pleasantly surprised at how well the folks in Redmond reponded to the many (well deserved) criticisms of Windows 8. Win 10 is a huge improvement in usability, and will probably speed up your computing. But information is power, and it’s better to have that power in your hands. Take a few minutes to review and tweak your Windows 10 privacy settings.”

I hope you find this information helpful.

I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers, ZoHa Islands Blogger/Social Media

Windows 10: A User’s Perspective

ZoHa Islands resident Traugh Underwood (Bluebane Akula) contacted me in-world recently, and said that he was a Windows 10 user and would be happy to answer any questions I might have about the OS. I was delighted that he was willing to discuss his experiences with Windows 10 and sent him a note card with my questions, which he most graciously answered for me. Below is Traugh’s discussion of his experiences with Windows 10. (Traugh lives in the UK).


Q: How long have you been using Windows 10?

A: Since October 1st, 2014. As a technical support for a lot of my friends, I wanted to get used to it quickly. Despite Microsoft advising people not to do so, I have been using as my only OS on my PC since then.


Q: Are you using the Alpha version or Beta version, if there is one? Has it been real buggy?

A: Its always been beta. There have been some bugs, especially in the early builds. But unlike other operating systems, Microsoft had a special insider app for Beta testers we could send feedback through, and a LOT of changes have happened along the way because of insiders voicing their opinion, even down to silly things like the icon for the recycle bin.


Q: What OS were you using before Windows 10?

A: I was using windows 8.1 before i jumped up to 10. 8.1 was very controversial. Although I can understand why people didn’t like it, for me the change in 8.1 to the start bar that people were so upset about, was far outweighed by the benefits of apps and a much faster OS than 7.


Q: Did you ever use Windows 7, and how does Windows 10 compare?

A: I did use 7, from its launch until Win 8 was launched. How does it compare to 10? Ummm well 10 is as if 7 and 8 had a baby. So take all the things you like about 7 and combine it with added apps, faster booting, better memory management and a much better DirectX system.
Also for gamers and multitaskers especially, the multi-desktop is invaluable if you only have 1 monitor. I actually dropped my second monitor because I just wasn’t using it on windows 10.


Q: What do you like best about Windows 10 in general?

A: It’s difficult to pinpoint just one thing, to be honest. There are a lot of things in Windows 10 that I now use daily. Cortana is very useful when I’m feeling lazy and just want to tell my PC to do stuff instead of clicking and using my keyboard. Multi-desktop is invaluable especially as a gamer as you can devote one desktop just to running a full screen game, and then switch desktops to check things without having to use alt tab (there is a shortcut to change screens – Crtl-Win-Left/Right). The notification bar is very useful to anyone used to a smart phone. It’s wonderful to have the ability to see whats going on with the PC without having all the annoying pop-ups you used to get in 7 and 8. But above all else, I would say the performance boost is what I really admire about Windows 10.


Q: What do you like least about Windows 10 in general?

A: Up until this point its been certain bugs, or when some app you use daily stops working and you had to wait a few days for the fix. But that’s something you have to accept when beta testing, and for the past week everything has been working flawlessly.


Q: How does Windows 10 interface with Second Life? Good and bad?

A: Second Life runs exactly as it did on all my other OS’s I personally don’t see a difference, but a friend of mine running Windows 10 on an Apple machine saw vastly improved frame rates. On Apple OS, he gets 15 fps. On windows 10 he gets 25/30 fps.


Q; What viewer are you using for Second Life?

A: As a builder I use a combination of Firestorm and the official viewer, depending on what I’m doing.


Q: Did you change viewers because of Windows 10? If so, what were you using before?

A: I haven’t changed any programs I was using since windows 7. Since 8 and 10 are built upon 7’s code, I’ve not found any incompatibility so far moving up from 7.


Q: Do you do other gaming besides Second Life? If so, what do you play and what do you like or dislike about Windows 10 as it pertains to your gaming experience?

A: I play a LOT of games on Steam, I currently own over 150 games, as well as software. I’ve tried every one of my games testing them during the beta process, and not had a problem with any so far.


Q: Finally, would you recommend that Second Life residents upgrade to Windows 10 right away, or wait awhile? Why or why not?

A: That’s an interesting question. I would say it comes down to personal preference. If you’re someone who is competent with technology and likes the idea of having the latest in features, then you may want to get it straight away. If not, then you may want to wait a little while. Personally I don’t see a downside to it, and I have personally helped a bunch of people make the transition from Windows 7 and 8 up to 10, and nobody has ever complained about it. Most have said its the best version yet. But all that aside, my biggest advise would be don’t just read one review. If you decide to wait, everyone will have their own personal view on Win 10 including me, and to really get a good view, you will need to look at multiple reviews and make a decision for yourself.


Please comment about anything else you’d like to say, good or bad, about Windows 10?

In reference to the “forced update” conspiracy everyone is ranting about I have this to say:-

Windows 10 does do SOME forced updates. This is exactly the same situation LL had to do not so long ago. They had so many people running outdated viewers on Firestorm, and even some still on Phoenix that they were forced to deny access to SL on any viewer that wasn’t mostly up to date. This was for the benefit of all SL residents and for SL as a platform.

Windows 10 pushes updates to the PC that are required for the improvement of the user experience, so stuff like bug fixes, security hotfixes, etc. However there is also an addition released last Sunday to allow users to choose updates not directly linked to the actual OS; for example graphics updates, sound drivers etc. These will be optional, so if you don’t want to do them you wont have to, which is very good news for gamers who don’t want to update their nvidia/AMD graphics drivers. In the past, updating drivers on AMD, for instance, caused problems in SL so you couldn’t see mesh avatars/clothing etc.

Best wishes, Bluebane Akula.


Thank you so much, Traugh, for your first person perspective on using Windows 10! It sounds exciting and I am really looking forward to the ability to have two screens on one monitor, among other things. It sounds like Windows 10 is mostly positive, taking the good things from both 7 and 8.1 and melding them into an OS that is going to be user friendly. SL residents would benefit from the upgrade to Windows 10, and I personally will be upgrading with it’s initial release on July 29th. I’ll let you know how it goes!

I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers, ZoHa Islands Blogger/Social Media