Happy New Year

Join the Excitement of Fun and Educational Community Events in Second Life!


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Happy New Year, Second Life Residents! If you’re eager to kick off 2024 with a burst of excitement, here are some fun and educational community-driven activities and events lined up throughout the year. Enroll in building classes, attend lively festivals, and immerse yourself in educational conferences throughout the coming year. 

Relay For Life – Unveiling the Power of Unity


American Cancer Society

The official home of the American Cancer Society in Second Life. Since 2005, cancer patients, caregivers, and volunteers have been able to receive services and support from the ACS in SL without having to leave the virtual world. Visit the island to learn more or to make a donation to fund the world’s largest and most successful cancer research program. More info at relayforlife.com/secondlife

Go on a journey of compassion and support as Relay For Life of Second Life events kick off this year. Mark your calendars as registrations open this month. SL Living Expo, Fantasy Faire, and other event dates have already been announced. Don’t miss out on any details – follow the American Cancer Society Google calendar for all the info! 

Burn2 – Festival of Community, Art, and Fire



Experience BURN2, the festival of community, art, and fire that brings the culture and cool of Burning Man to the metaverse. Learn more at www.burn2.org

Experience the virtual rendition of Burning Man in Second Life with Burn2! With captivating events every quarter, their first event, Winter Burn, starts on January 26th. Explore the details on their website and get more info about their weekly meetings and events in their Google calendar. It’s a virtual festival you won’t want to miss!

VWBPE – Unleashing Educational Innovations

The Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education (VWBPE) is a community-based open conference that provides opportunities for participants in all virtual worlds to share current teaching, learning, and research practices in 3D virtual environments. This year’s theme is “Mythic Origins” and it runs from March 14-16, 2024. Join the event for three days of lectures, workshops, discussions, games, and fun! It’s a must-attend event for anyone passionate about the intersection of virtual environments and education. Learn more on their website at vwbpe.org.

VWEC – Igniting Educational Conversations

Continue to elevate your educational journey with the Virtual Worlds Education Consortium (VWEC) Eduverse! If you’re passionate about fostering collaboration among educators and navigating the virtual landscape, this is the destination for you. You can learn more about VWEC from the Spotlight interview of three of their coordinators. Additionally, you can check their website and their Google Calendar to attend their daily events and fireside chats.

Virtual Ability – Empowering Lives in Virtual Worlds

Virtual Ability, a non-profit corporation founded in 2007, is dedicated to enabling individuals with a wide range of disabilities to flourish in online virtual worlds. They have two major events throughout the year, keep an eye on their website for more information coming soon: 

  1. Mental Health Symposium (May): In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Virtual Ability hosts the annual Mental Health Symposium. This event serves as a platform to share crucial information about mental health and disabilities with the broader population. The cross-disability community within Virtual Ability includes members dealing with various mental health issues. The symposium not only offers a chance for community members to learn from experts they might not encounter otherwise but also opens the doors for the general public to attend a professional conference at no cost.
  2. International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference (October/November): Taking place around October/November each year, this conference is a testament to Virtual Ability’s commitment to advocating for disability rights globally. Join this empowering event that brings together voices from the disability community to discuss, affirm, and advance the rights of individuals with disabilities.

Builder’s Brewery – Crafting Dreams Since 2008

For all aspiring builders out there, Builder’s Brewery is your go-to destination. Established in 2008, it stands as one of Second Life’s oldest hubs for learning. Dive into free training classes covering everything from building to scripting, textures, mesh, animations, and more. Check their schedule of classes on their Google Calendar.


Find even more educational destinations and exciting events in the Education, Help & How To, and Featured Events categories on the Destination Guide throughout the year!

But wait, there’s more! Along with these community-driven activities, we here at Linden Lab also have a lot in store for 2024 – including the Valentine Shop & Hop which is about to open on February 1st, and of course our 21st birthday celebrations in June! 

Get ready for a year filled with excitement, creativity, and unforgettable experiences in Second Life. Don’t miss out on the action – stay connected: follow our Featured News blog, sign up for our weekly email newsletter, and connect with us on social media.

Let the adventure begin, happy 2024!

Happy New Year From All Of The Staff At Zoha Islands/Fruit Islands Stay Tuned For Estate Updates and Upgrades.

The LeFevre Mansion

” My home has to be an expression of eternal stability, elegance and openness” 

~ Marcus Lefevre, Oct. 2013

One of the things that I love about Second Life are the many amazing creators and builders who are residents here. One of my favorite things to do in SL is to find beautiful and unusual places to visit and just walk around in awe of the amazing builds. Truly unique user driven content is one of the many things unique to SL that isn’t available in most virtual worlds.

I was privileged to be invited to the grand opening of  the Lefevre Mansion.  The mansion is an architectural masterpiece by the famed owner and creator of the Rose Theater/ Angel Manor, Kaya Angel. The details are exquisite and the textures are stunning throughout the region.

In the words of Marcus LeFevre himself:

“Kaya has created my SL dream home with elegant interior design and beautiful landscape that literally invites you to take a walk in the park. The Lefevre Mansion is overall a stately home, a small world in itself, with a church, indoor and outdoor pools, a small hidden beach, forests, ponds, lakes culminating with the elegant mansion on the top of the hill.

The Lefevre Mansion will also feature the most amazing all men’s shop called: Pour SL Homme and a beautiful Art Gallery at the entrance of the Mansion regions. The Art Gallery will be brought to life by the well known Rose Theater Galleries curator, Kylie Angel Skyborne and will host regularly changing exhibitions from the best artists in Second Life. To top it all off the Lefevre Mansion is also honored to host the the all new Partycular Theater For the Performing Arts. ”

It is difficult to find the proper adjectives that can encompass the stately grandeur of this amazing home, grounds, and outbuildings. The church has details that far outstrip most I’ve seen in SL. The pipe organ alone has painstaking details, and the stained glass is amazing. I hope he will rent it out to brides and grooms for weddings; it’s truly a majestic, and you feel like you’re walking on hallowed ground. The pool area is large and the area behind the mansion reminds me a bit of the grounds at Hearst’s Castle in California. When you walk over to the art museum, there is a gate, and a gate keeper. The guard will open the gates for you, and greet you warmly. Take a stroll through the museum and persue the beautiful SL art by only the finest SL artists.

When you first land, you will be in front of Pour SL Homme, an amazing store with vendors for men’s clothing from different designers of only the highest caliber. In front of you will be a TP board, where you can TP to the different parts of the region. You can TP to the mansion itself, the park, the beach, the church, the forest, the lake, or the art museum. They invite visitors, but please be respectful of the living quarters. If you would like a tour of the Mansion, please contact Marcus LeFevre for permission. The grounds, art museum and store are all available for public strolling.

This is a must-see in Second Life. Here is the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Lefevre%20Mansion/22/29/22.

I’ve made a slideshow of the pictures I took while there. I’m sorry I didn’t get more of the interior, but I was unable to stay long enough to explore the mansion.

I remain always respectfully yours,

~ Suzanne Piers, ZI Social Media Manager