What Did I Just Watch? Meet Mrs. Mayo

Meet Mrs. Mayo: Foul-Mouthed Old Avatar Hilariously Rants & Advises About Second Life Drama on YouTube

While most Second Life You Tubers are focused almost entirely on virtual fashion and avatar poses (near exclusively emceed by avatars in their early 20s), Mrs. Magnolia Mayo stands out in the crowd: Old, cranky, frequently dropping F bombs, always entertaining, she’s an advice columnist for the metaverse, responding to questions sent anonymously to her blog right here.

Watch another recent video below, but you’ll probably just want to subscribe and watch them all (some of which are more serious than others).



Thanks to Cajsa for the tip!

Now while I never watch much youtube in secondlife or about secondlife I found this amusing to say the least. I can’t think of a time I laughed more except back in the Esteban Winsmore days. Lets face it this was annoying but it still showed that having a sense of humor outweighed the drama in the everyday life of SL. Laughter Is Truly The Best Medicine. But do we need more of this? YES! YES! YES!

Have a great week from all of us on the ZI Staff