Watch: YouTube Star Mr. Moon Visits Second Life

YouTube Star Mr. Moon Visits Second Life, Makes Hilariously Crude, Occasionally Perceptive Feature Epic

Got 70 minutes to spare? What am I saying, of course we all do. Fire up some popcorn and your favorite adult beverage and watch “Ticket to Hell” from popular YouTube gaming star Mr. Moon. Content warning: Occasionally veers from hilariously crude to just crude, and is definitely not work safe viewing if you’re actually working in an office, but then again who is. And it is hilarious as hell.

Unlike Second Life trolling videos which were in vogue for awhile (and more lazy than funny), Mr. Moon and VERTiiGO, his collaborator/partner in crime, go all out, creating a feature-length stoner comedy that combines staged sequences with what looks to be actual game play footage with random SLers spontaneously reacting to their a-hole roleplay hi-jinx.

Their goal: Earn enough Linden Dollars to afford mesh avatars, so they can then hook up with SL’s hottest hotties in the world’s best clubs. It does not go as planned.

And notwithstanding Moon’s foul-mouthed, cynical film noir narration, he even finds times for some perceptive scenes:

Mr Moon Second Life movie roleplay comedy

Around 60 minutes in, for instance, after wading through countless butt-ugly shopping malls and nightclubs, he takes some time to marvel at some of SL’s more beautiful sims, then has a heartfelt chat about the danger of starting in-world romances with two fairies and a werewolf. (Because of course.)

My only objection? As we were just discussing, there’s not a single depiction of collaborative, prim-based building, even though it has so much potential for grab-ass comedy. (Think of all the wacky shit Mr. Moon and VERTiiGO could have tried making together in a sandbox.)

Anyway, I reached out to Mr. Moon and hopefully will hear back. In any case, I’m calling it: This is the best and funniest Second Life “outsider” video since Polygon’s “Monster Factory”  or possibly “Man vs. Second Life“.

Much thanks to Cajsa for the tip!

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