EEP for Keeps?

Will Second Life’s Finally-Released Environmental Enhancement Project Change Your World?

JuicyBomb EEP SL settings

A week after finally unveiling the long-awaited return of last names for Second Life avatars, Linden Lab finally unveiled its long-promised Environmental Enhancement Project, better known as EEP, giving SL users more granular control over the way their virtual world experience appears. Specifically:

  • Environment objects that you can keep in your inventory and share with others
  • Parcel-level control of environments
  • Up to four different, independently controlled sky layers
  • More options for customization

So for instance, you could use EEP to turn a sim into an entire space flight simulation, with daylight on the ground, and different looking layers of atmosphere (and then finally, deep space) the higher you go up. However, I’m not sure if many developers are still around to take on a project as ambitious as that. (Hope I’m wrong there.) 

Most popular application of EEP? My guess: Sharable light settings for Second Life fashion photos. And if that’s what you’re looking for, Gogo of the Juicy brand has you covered with these starting EEP settings for just 1 Linden Dollar.

Official overview video below:

Anyone have any other ideas about what they’d like to do with EEP?

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