Watch: Carmen King Keeps Streaming Second Life

Watch: Carmen King Keeps Streaming Second Life — And Has Advice for Players of The Sims In Giving SL a Second Chance


In the latest hilariously ribald video from Ms. Carmen King, YouTube gaming doyenne and unofficial queen of Second Life, we find her searching for a mansion to buy in Second Life as only Carmen can. (NSFW of course, unless I guess you work at a tattoo gallery.)

“[My SL] apartment is beautiful,” she announces at the start, “but I am grown, and I am ready to have a grown bitch’s house.” Then actually goes and finds and actual (virtual) real estate agent. (That’s a thing in SL? TIL there are actual ass real estate agents in SL.) 

While her videos are gaining popularity among the SL community, I notice that a lot of her endemic subscribers are leery to try Second Life, either because they were overwhelmed by the UX (can’t blame them there), or they tried it once and got overwhelmed.

So for all of them them, you’re in luck: I reached out to this queen named King and asked for her own personal tips for people thinking of trying out SL now — especially those coming to it after playing The Sims:

Carmen King SL YouTube tips

“There are a lot of differences between the two games, but the main differences are creativity and community,” Carmen tells me. “The Sims is a limited game where new content is available through DLC’s and updates… which take a while. A lot of the time I’ll get super excited about upcoming releases but quickly get discouraged once I see the title’s theme.

“In Second Life, other players make content for EVERYONE. I was shocked at how many things there were to do and still discover new things daily. You can also connect with the community directly in Second Life, whereas in The Sims you are stuck interacting with the same NPC’s and your own creations. It’s fun to be able to visit friend’s houses instead of just seeing pictures of what it looks like!”

And for gamers just trying out SL for the first time, her tips: “Explore the game slowly, watch a lot of tutorials, bring some friends, and keep an eye out for events going down!”

So yeah. And don’t forget, as they always say, to subscribe.

Have a great week from all of us at Zoha Islands and Fruit Islands.