The Zenescope Metaverse comes to Second Life!

The Zenescope Metaverse

Created in an exclusive partnership with the acclaimed comic book publisher Zenescope, the all-new Zenescope Metaverse is bursting with magic and mystery. In this week’s “Second Life Destinations” video, Zenescope co-founder Ralph Tedesco gives an exclusive “first look” at this exciting new virtual world experience.

Immerse yourself and discover the many secrets hidden across this vast Second Life region offering dark and twisted games and experiences inspired by the Zenescope universe. In partnership with Epik, visitors can snag limited edition collectibles inspired by heroes, villains, and Zenescope favorites such as Cinderella (a.k.a. “Cindy, the serial killer princess”), Belle, the Mad Hatter, and more.

This huge region is so highly detailed that it might just take several visits to see everything. Start your journey in the wide courtyard where you can connect with others before exploring. As you traverse this enchanted realm of flowing brooks and glistening flowers, keep an eye out for hidden locations and easter eggs referencing some of Zenescope’s most iconic tales. 

Meet new friends as you wind your way through the Hedge Maze and discover games that you can play together like the whimsical Goblin Golf. Don’t miss the special quest to score the ultimate prize — but beware of the Jabberwocky, among other fantastical creatures.

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Experience storytelling and comic books in a whole new way at the Zenescope Metaverse — check it out exclusively in Second Life.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres



The Zenescope universe is now in Second Life! Interact with your favorite characters and immerse yourself in an all-new multi-region virtual world experience featuring exclusive games, roleplaying regions, hidden surprises, and exclusive merchandise that you’ll only find in Second Life.

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