A Beautifully Illustrated Travel Guide

To the Second Life Countryside

The desert

Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

Betta Bee’s “The Desert” is an exciting picture, not least because there are really not enough great desert sims that aren’t role-play. This was taken at Cannibal Island (teleport link here) which is part of a rental estate, not a role-play sim. (Their group tag is Vegetarian Cannibal!) I love how she frames this so the lines of drift cast horizontal shadows that lead our eyes up and to the right as though there were a road giving us leading lines. 

colors .. with heron  ..........      80 Days Jambo

“Colors with heron” catches this heron perched on a derelict boat on the shore with everything cast in the red-gold light of the sunset. (Teleport link here.) This feels like a painting.


a shy rabbit ... with poppies

“A Shy Rabbit…with poppies” is another color-suffused picture though this feels like a sunrise. There seems to be an early morning mistiness in the air that catches the colors of the sunlight in the fine water droplets, creating a golden mist that obscures the rabbit, making it seem more shy that it may be. The forefront in bold colorful poppies provides perspective and reminds us that our perception of mist and fog is more substantial the farther away we are. 

Betta Bee’s stream is great fun. There are lovely landscapes with SLurls to guide your travels. She includes a few pictures of herself, mostly having fun such as biking through the countryside. If you want to know where to visit, she is a great person to follow. 

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Have a great week from all of us at Zoha Islands and Fruit Islands