Second Life Destinations: Titmouse Animation

This week Drax interviews Chris Prynoski, who runs Titmouse Animation with his wife Shannon. Don’t miss the exclusive five-second shorts screening only in SL!

The screening region, which was custom built for the Smash Party event last year, has a very authentic urban grunge vibe. Matter of fact, the SL location represents an authentic replica of the Titmouse studios in Hollywood, California, right down to the porta potties. Surrounded by concrete buildings, the open outdoor space has everything from a cage to smash things with a hammer, an area to grab a beer, and plenty of seating to hang with your friends or meet new people. There are hidden Easter eggs to explore as well, like the lonely animator, who is working away day and night while his colleagues party.

Chris tells us that the tradition of screening five-second clips started 13 years ago. Traditionally screened at a live event in the physical world, previous events have taken place in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Vancouver. This year, due to the physical constraints of COVID, the screening moves exclusively to Second Life through May 24.

Chris says this is an opportunity to let every animator do what they want, so be prepared for a wide range of styles as well as content ranging from wholesome to slightly crude, but always hilarious.

Hopefully we have many more inworld Titmouse events to look forward to. Last year’s premiere of the show “The Shivering Truth” brought thousands of Residents to the event. These collaborations illustrate the many possibilities within SL and make it so wonderfully hard to describe. Visit this quirky virtual cinema today!

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres


Titmouse Animation Screening Event

Visit the official event space for independent animation studio Titmouse (creator of “Big Mouth,” “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” and many more popular shows). Watch an exclusive showing of the “5 Second Day” animations in a virtual cinema and take out your frustrations in the smash cage. Don’t forget to grab your free swag, too!

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