Katiaportugal Genesis Performs Live in Second Life While Streaming

Singer Performs Live in Second Life While Streaming Her Real Life Performance on YouTube & Facebook

I’ve caught countless live music performances streamed into Second Life over the years, but performer Katica Pajic (Katiaportugal.genesis in SL) has a fresh new twist that I haven’t seen before: While performing in SL, she also streams her computer display/webcam feed on Facebook and YouTube. That way, you not only get to watch the virtual show, but can also watch Katia singing (and chatting with her audience) in real life.

She started doing shows like this in April 2020, during the height of the pandemic, and after a brief pause, began doing so again, often performing twice in one night.

The inspiration, she tells me, is “to show people how it looks from the performer’s side and who are they behind their mic.” And also, that “I am not just an SL name… I am a person.”

I love this extra level of engagement, and it’s also a smart way for performers to build their brand. Anyway, Katia’s next show is set for tomorrow at Noon and 2pm SLT — follow her Facebook and/or her YouTube channel to watch!

KatiaPortugal SL YouTube Facebook stream

Have a great week from all of us at Zoha Islands and Fruit Islands.