New Scavenger Hunt & Art Exhibition Debuts in Motown

New Scavenger Hunt & Art Exhibition Debuts in Motown



The Swaginator hunt has hit Motown! Now’s your chance to embark on a soulful journey in search of hidden prizes in the nostalgic streets of virtual Motown.

Bring your friends and follow the clues that will guide you in your quest. As you unravel each clue and edge closer to the treasure, not only will you be rewarded with the joy of the hunt, but there are also a limited number of extra special prizes waiting to be claimed for early hunters.

Stop by Motown at 12pm PT today to meet and party with VP of Product Operations Patch Linden and other Lindens as we kick off the hunt together! 

Motown Swagginator.jpg

The excitement doesn’t stop with the Swaginator hunt. Motown in Second Life is soon opening an Art Gallery with art from one of our talented Residents, JudiLynn India. Meet the artist inworld this Saturday, August 26th from 2pm to 5pm PT. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or an art lover, Motown promises something for everyone. Watch out for more events coming soon! 

JudiLynn India.jpg

The virtual world of Second Life is a melting pot of experiences, and the Swaginator hunt at Motown is just one of its many gems. So, whether you’re joining for the hunt, the upcoming art gallery, or just to soak in the Motown ambiance, this destination is set to create memories that will linger long after you log off. 

See you at Motown! 



Experience classic and current Motown hits in an entirely new way! Meet new friends and dance in a music-filled virtual world that features multi-station radio streams of classic and contemporary Motown songs, animated gestures, and much more!

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