Mental Awareness Month

Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide – 05/13/2022

Destination Guide

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Pictured: Zen at Astoria

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. If you’re struggling, know that you are not alone. I wanted to highlight some destinations that offer support within the Second Life community and a place to find your inner peace because everyone deserves the opportunity to reflect on their mental health in a safe and meaningful way.


Impact Mental Health

Mental health issues are common and are not something that anyone should feel ashamed of. Impact offers incredible peer support by people who’ve already been through, or are going through, the same things as you. Whether you just want to listen in, get something off your chest, speak to a mentor, attend a group meeting or just play games with people who are ok with every part of you, Impact is a great place for you. If you need support, please join their group ‘Impact Mental Health’ or click on the boards located in the foyer of the main building and an available Mentor will contact you.

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Nirvana Island

Nirvana Island is a sanctuary for your soul dedicated to well-being. All faiths and points of view are welcome. Diverse traditions and systems are harmoniously connected in this beautiful natural landscape full of treasures for mind, body, or spirit. There are daily group meetings and events. If you are in need of healing, solace, or sanctuary – you will find it here.

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Transgender Resource Center

The TRC is a safe place for Transgender people and their allies to join and talk about the issues they face. Weekly Support Groups are available.

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Braided Lives

Braided Lives is a multi-platform initiative designed to bring people from all walks of life together to tell their stories and collaborate on the creation of a more equitable and sustainable future. The concept was born in response to the isolation, stress, anger, and frustration that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing racial tensions. For more info, visit

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Mindful Cove

Mindful Cove exists to provide both an entry point into Second Life, and an ongoing community region for newcomers and long-time residents alike, based on the core principle that SL can be an excellent place to engage in activities that support emotional and mental well-being.

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Center for Mindfulness

Mindfulness can literally transform your entire world from the inside out and for the millions of mindfulness practitioners around the world, it’s doing just that! Come and discover the most incredible and wonderful surprise: everything you’ve been searching for ‘out there’ feelings of fulfillment, peace, and wholeness, have been within you all along. The Center for Mindfulness is a beautiful and calming place to come meditate and learn a few mindful tricks. Learn more at

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SL Project Hope

SL Project Hope was created to empower and support survivors individually and collectively. They are committed to fostering hope, opportunity, peace, and empowerment for all those who are on a healing journey.

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Retiro Zen

In the times we live in, we need to find our peace, come to know your inner power, become the wonderful person you have hidden in you and reach the spiritual level you always dreamed of. Connect with the universe, we are all one!

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Reiki Healing Center

Reiki Healing Center is a place to share Reiki treatments; to relax, meditate, practice Tai Chi, yoga and more.

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Zen at Astoria

A beautiful quiet spot to relax, have some me-time, do some yoga or meditate. Enjoy the silence and create a moment for your inner self at this place, you deserve this!

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Have A Great Week From All Of Us At Zoha Islands/ Fruit Islands