ZoHa Islands Seeking Sim Builder

ZoHa Islands Seeking Sim Builder ( Please Share)
For More info please visit link below:
Serious Inquiries only please via email provided.

ZoHa Islands Business District Builder Wanted.

Please Read Thoroughly and respond via email @ ZoHaIslandsBD@gmail.com


This would be a 12 full prim region build, roads, terraforming, sidewalks, landscaping etc, (buildings not required as this will be for open lots for rentals within our Business District – which also does allow for residential places as well)  We want this to have a community feel with open parcels for all of the various businesses and homes that will eventually fill the vacancies. Regions are in a 4 x 3 grid currently connected. The outer portions will need to be waterfront working up to a higher elevation towards the center.  No flat grid builds. All roads, bridges, tunnels etc must be mesh. The more detail the better…prim requirements will be discussed upon interview and a timeline will need to be followed and kept up on.


  • Must be able to build in mesh, high detail, low scripts/low lag.
  • Terraforming work is necessary.
  • Build will be completed on a separate build avatar only, and all items used shall be in the build avatar only, to protect the build upon completion.
  • Must provide a portfolio of some previous builds and work completed.  – this portfolio can be sent via email to the address above along with your in world contact details.
  • This is to include photos, Landmarks in places are currently still in world.
  • Ability to work in Blender, Maya, or programs of the like for custom mesh products is a plus.


This will be discussed upon hiring/interview process.  We would like to select a serious candidate for this job.  Attentiveness to time management and detail are a priority.

If we are interested in your work – we will contact you in world. (Legacy names only please – not display names for ease of contact)