Racism In Second Life- My Perspective

Racism In Second Life- My Perspective

I’ve been thinking about this quite some time since my timeline was flooded with reposts of a controversial article addressing racism in Second Life, as well as under-representation of non-white groups for skins and other avatar components. My views are my own, and not of ZoHa Islands, so please take them with a grain of … Continue reading

Adventures Along The Blake Sea

Oftentimes when I chat with people in Second Life, one interest that pops up is boating and sailing. Yet, I find that many people (both new and old) don’t know about the Blake Sea! That boggles the mind, because the Blake Sea is, in a nutshell, a massive connection of sea sims with no ban … Continue reading

Starting A Business In Second Life

Business ventures in Second Life. People talk about them, some even attempt them and a small group, master them. Is it a goal of yours to start one in the new year? It’s hard to even talk about the potential of businesses in Second Life without talking about the “historic” accomplishments of Ansche Chung or … Continue reading