AMD Graphics Card Driver Updates Wreak Havoc

Second Life residents who use AMD grphics cards are probably already aware of the ongoing issues with AMD’s Catalyst drivers. The most recent updates to these drivers conflict with the ability to see rigged mesh in Second Life. This problem is related to the 14.9.2 driver update deployed by AMD. The fastest way to fix … Continue reading »

Linden Lab Seeks Input from Residents

When asked “What’s the one thing Linden Lab could do that would have the biggest impact on further improving your Second Life experience?” residents responded with a resounding request to have a way to communicate suggestions for improvements or ideas with Linden Lab — from different approaches for the way things are done today, to … Continue reading »

Valhalla Outlaws MC’s Enchanting Winter Wonderland

“Truly, I am so very grateful to the people and sponsors who help us make this event possible. I’ve been asked many times why I focus on doing charity in SL, when I could just drop some cash off or send some. And the reason I bust my butt in here is simple. Or to … Continue reading »

Toys For Tots Kiosk Locations at ZoHa Islands

We have some amazing residents and merchants at ZoHa Islands. Several merchants who have businesses on ZoHa Islands land or in the business district have graciously offered to place Toys For Tots Kiosks in their stores. Please stop by and drop some lindens in their kiosks, and have a look around their stores. We have … Continue reading »