Linden Lab Plans SL Improvements

In a recent article in the Second Life blog, Linden Labs announces upcoming planned improvements to the Second Life platform. As promised in a recent video interview given after Linden Lab dropped the bombshell that a new virtual world was being developed, Linden Lab continues to dedicate resources to improving the current Second Life platform. … Continue reading »

Reducing Viewer Crashes

It’s the bane of everyone’s existence in Second Life… the dreaded viewer crash. Naturally, viewers don’t crash at opportune times; they wait until you’re getting busy with someone, or in a wedding, or doing a crucial final touches on a build you hadn’t saved. Sometimes they crash and all of a sudden the viewer just … Continue reading »

Skill Gaming Regions in SL

New regulations are afoot for skill gaming in Second Life. According to the new blog post, Linden Lab is revising its gaming policy. Gambling has always been, and will continue to be strictly prohibited by the TOS (Terms Of Service). Gambling is considered to be operating, or participating in, a game of chance that provides … Continue reading »

A Brave New World!

“I feel like we’re in a very good place,” Altberg says. “We are the most experienced when it comes to this stuff. We’re bullish; we’re investing; and all the things that are happening around us with Oculus and the market getting excited about these things again [are] great for us. It’ll make it easier for … Continue reading »