Firestorm Tool Tip: Command Line

Who knew?? This short video shows some awesome tricks available simply by typing in a few keystrokes. This is especially helpful when being griefed, and you need to instantly TP to an altitude in order to rid yourself of the griefer without being crashed by the graphics crasher. You can instantly achieve altitude with a … Continue reading »

High Fidelity Raises $11 Million

One of the biggest things to hit virtual worlds is the idea of being able to experience it in the immersive Virtual Reality, or VR. High Fidelity is open source software for shared Virtual Reality, and they are the first to move forward with this technology in the virtual world environment. Second Life 3, or … Continue reading »

Improving Viewer Performance

The Second Life Wiki has a wealth of information for Second life residents — from answering frequently asked questions, to how to manage private regions, to improving viewer performance. For those of you using the SL viewer, I thought I would share some good information that can be found in the Wiki regarding how to … Continue reading »

Firestorm Viewer Contact Sets

Did you know you can sort, list, categorize, organize and colorize your friend list, and even non-friend lists? This is especially helpful for business and region owners, group moderators, people with big friend lists, or just folks with lots of friends! The folks at Firestorm posted this video for their Tool Tip Tuesday this week. … Continue reading »