One Billion Rising — Revolution for Change

I received a note card inworld about One Billion Rising — an event that started in Second Life in 2013 and continues today. February 14th is the day chosen for Second Life’s One Billion Rising events. The One Billion Rising website (that’s a clickable link) describes it’s beginnings and the objective of the event: “ONE … Continue reading »

Alert! Cryptowall 2 Ransomware Malware Is Out There!!

Once more, Bob Rankin’s blog “Ask Bob Rankin” alerts us to a recent outbreak of a ransomware malware called “Cryptowall 2.” Bob goes on to say that “Making regular backups of critical data and keeping your software up to date is more important than ever thanks to the arrival of new, “improved” malware like Cryptowall 2. This … Continue reading »

Captain Oculus Tests Oculus Rift in Second Life

As Oculus Rift continues to grow and develop, it is interesting to hear about experiences people are having with it in Second Life. Kate Bergdorf, who has a blog called “The Bergdorf Reports” recently had a fascinating guest blogger who posted about his experiences with Oculus Rift in SL. Recently, Kate bumped into a noob … Continue reading »

Skrill Payment Option in Second Life

The Official Second Life Blog posted about Skrill, a new payment method that was rolled out and is now fully functional in Second Life. Here’s a quote from the blog, found by following this link: Additional Payment Options for Second Life “As you may have seen, a company called Skrill recently announced that we’re working … Continue reading »

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About ZoHa Islands, But Were Afraid to Ask

Did you know . . . • There are two places to pay your tier. 1) ZoHa Islands Main Office: SLURL: ZoHa Islands Main Office 2) ZoHa Islands Sales Office in the Business District: SLURL: Business District Office • ZoHa Islands is an Authorized Linden Dollar Reseller. You can buy Linden Dollars from ZoHa Islands … Continue reading »