Increased Land Impact Allowance Is Here

As promised in our PBR Materials announcement last year — as of this morning’s Second Life server grid roll, we have increased the allowance of Land Impact by lowering mesh Download Weight by 15% for all of Second Life! Since much of Second Life today consists of mesh content, anyone who owns or rents land will see more land impact available on their parcels. 

How can I check if my objects have been affected? Right-click on the object you want to inspect, then click Edit, then click the More info link to see the current Download weight.

Increased Land Impact Allowance Is Here.png

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind residents that this allowance is being given for no charge and is intended to help offset any additional Land Impact spent on manually rezzed reflection probes and lights, and of course in anticipation of the upcoming Mirrors release.

Land Impact is a finite resource, please rez responsibly!


Updated: Frequently Asked Questions.

Q.  My private region can hold 20,000 prims (Land Impact). How many prims will I have after this 15% Download weight reduction?

  1. The region will still only be able to hold its original 20,000 prims, as the same for any parcel, or 30k private region. With this update mesh object’s download weight has been reduced, requiring less land impact for objects where download weight is higher than physics and server cost, and letting your prims go further. Imagine a box that can only carry 20 pounds. With this update, the box is still the same, but the objects inside are lighter!

    To learn more about how weight is factored into an object’s land impact visit:

Q.  What types of items are NOT affected by the update?

  1. Animesh, primitives, and sculpties are not affected. The update will only affect static mesh objects that are rezzed onto your land.

Q.  How can I see what my meshes download weight used to be?

  1. At this time you will only be able to compare it by rezzing an object on the Beta Grid (Aditi) running older server code, which will be for a limited time as we are constantly moving forward. Any Beta Grid regions running server build 2024-02-21.7995320426 should report the old Download Weight.

Q.  This is confusing.  Why didn’t you raise the region’s prim (Land Impact) limits?

  1. Download Weight effectively controls the scene triangle budget.  While the limit was appropriate when Download Weight was first introduced, it’s too restrictive by modern standards.  By adjusting Download Weight independently of other resource limits, we can avoid overloading other systems (such as physics and script time) that are already using appropriate limits.  Essentially, the weights were out of balance, with download weight carrying too much emphasis compared to other weights, and this change moves towards a better balance.  
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