Watch: Rising Indie Pop Star Aufwie Kickstarted

His Career in Second Life During the Pandemic — Now Here’s His First Music Video Shot in SL

After performing in Second Life during (and because!) of the pandemic lock down since last year, rising indie pop star Aufwie recently released his first music video shot in Second Life — watch above! Very nicely shot and edited by VRutega, Aufwie’s “throw me to the sea” because quite literal in the virtual world.

“[The machinima] uses the sea as a metaphor for oblivion and how someone can actually throw u into oblivion by forgetting about you, taking u out of their lives,” he tells me now. “Sinking as a metaphor of how depression pulls u down.”

His virtual performances in SL through 2021 helped him take his career to the next stage — both in the virtual world and across social media:

Aufwie & band IRL

The pandemic put me on a hard place by preventing me from performing in real life and doing any other type of musical activities,” as he put it to me back then. “And that’s when I started seeing it as an actual job and took a more professional approach.”

Since then he’s also launched a TikTok channel where many of his performances have gone fairly viral:

He is still, on top of that, performing on a regular basis in SL — click here to join his Discord to get gig announcements.

Something tells me he may be doing less SL shows soon, however, as he’s likely to be catapulted into the big time.

Aufwie SL pop start machinima TikTok

Thanks to his SL manager (yes he has a manager in Second Life) Dara, for the updates!

Have a great week from all of us at Zoha Islands/Fruit Islands