Second Life Spotlight – Prophet

This week we are shining a spotlight on Prophet (Nightmare Rain) a creative blogger that adds a slice of life narrative to his virtual photography.

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How long have you been in Second Life and how did you first hear about it?

I discovered Second Life through Twitch about 10 years ago, which got me interested in roleplay at first. 

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How did you get into Second Life blogging, and what kind of content do you like to showcase?

I got into blogging once I delved further into the Secondlife community and discovered Flickr. I learned how to do in-world photography and later on, was taught how to photo edit. I developed my own style and learned how to express my creativity through blogging. I tend to lean on the slice-of-life type of pictures, however, I still do throw in some fantasy in the mix now and then.

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When taking photos in Second Life, what is your process for creating a narrative/story in the picture?

Life itself is inspiring- one can choose to see beauty in everything and I think we tend to be blind to it because I feel that it is easy to take for granted when we’re comfortable. I like recreating scenarios that most people find themselves in on the daily and showcasing it on my blog using the items made by talented creators in order to depict and illustrate the common, but in such a way that people actually take notice and pause to appreciate them. I also utilize Windlight a lot- Light, shadow, contrast and color create mood and visual weight.

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Visual art is such an effective way of expanding ideas about diverse representation and you do that so well with the use of avatar components and tools in Second Life. What inspires your avatar’s styles?

My styles are usually inspired by everyday looks varying from casual to formal- Simple but refined pieces- I let the clothing and accessories speak for themselves as it’s usually what I’m blogging although when I have free time I do take pictures for fun and so with those I tend to focus on what I want to wear rather than what I’ve been sponsored to wear.

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Tell us about some of the other Second Life Residents that have inspired you, or whose work you admire.

I admire my mentor, business partner, and good friend Mia (Counterfeitmint Resident) as well as:
Anika Cluny
Quincy Robin  
Alexa Maravilla  
Digi Pera

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Where can people see your work? Please share links to your sites and social media accounts.


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We hope you enjoyed learning more about Prophet and find his vibrant and diverse images as inspiring as we do. 

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