Second Life Runs Out Of Land.

Limited Availability of New Second Life Regions?

Due to COVID-19 And the land shortage many estates have raised pricing to take advantage of controlling the market. Zoha Islands/Fruit Islands will NOT be taking the road to GREED and our pricing will not change to our Current Residents. We are Working hard to consolidate existing regions so we can accommodate those of you that Need Full 20k,30k and Homestead regions.. Please be patient as we work to adjust to all of this. We will be taking deposits for these regions on a first come first serve basis As regions become available. Please contact a sales agent for more info. We want to also remind our current residents to MAKE SURE they are ON TIME with tier payments to AVOID RECLAIM!


Linden Lab

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Well, this is awkward…

Due to the ongoing public health crisis, we’ve experienced an unprecedented surge in demand for new Second Life regions. While we are thrilled by the heightened interest, the increased demand has consumed our available inventory of full regions and homesteads (there are still many parcels available on existing regions, both on the mainland and from private estates). 

We are committed to maintaining (and improving) the stability and performance of Second Life. So while we are very gratified that we can be of help to people in these trying times, unfortunately, our current server systems cannot accommodate unlimited growth without adversely impacting that stability and performance. This means that region inventory in Second Life will be extremely limited and may not be readily available until early fall.


As we’ve discussed previously, Second Life is in the process of migrating from our existing dedicated servers to a cloud hosting service. That migration has already moved a number of the most important services and databases, but we are not quite ready to host simulators in the cloud. We have a crack team working on that and are making lots of progress, but there are significant changes needed to make sure that we can provide the performance, stability, and security required. When that process is complete we will have a nearly unlimited region capacity, but until then we are constrained by the size of our existing server fleet.

While our migration project has been underway for some time, even our most optimistic business projections did not anticipate a surge of the magnitude we have seen in recent weeks for additional regions. While we planned for growth driven by improvements to Second Life and other factors, we didn’t expect demand to be created by a global pandemic.

As a result, we are in the unfortunate position of hitting the maximum capacity of our “old” servers until the “new” cloud servers are fully operational.


Regions may be intermittently available as existing regions are returned to us by their current owners. Due to the economic impact of the public health crisis, we do expect that some limited number of landholdings will be returned to the general inventory in the coming weeks. This means that there may be some regions available on-and-off, but it is more likely that normal region sales will not resume until our migration to the cloud is complete. While we do not have an exact date at this time, we anticipate it will be early fall.  


So, what are your options if you are seeking land sooner? 

Owning land on the Mainland is an alternative.  
We can offer abandoned Mainland directly for sale with a range of various parcel sizes from 512sqm per parcel to an entire full region (minus infrastructure).  You can learn more about purchasing abandoned Mainland in our Knowledge Base.

Consider renting from an existing landholder. 
If you do not need an entire region, there are plenty of rental options available from established Second Life landholders right now. Learn more about how rentals work in our Knowledge Base.

You can also explore Land Auctions in Second Life. 
Much like an auction on the popular auction-based shopping site eBay, Second Life Land Auctions allows individuals to place their bids on open inventory for available parcels across the virtual world. You can learn more about how the auctions process works in our Knowledge Base.

There are also third-party sellers that offer both parcel and full land rentals and sales. 
For example, some of the better-known entities are listed on the Land & Estates category in the Destination Guide but you can also find many on the Forums or through the Land & Rentals tab in Second Life Search (on the web or in the Second Life Viewer).

We’ll update the community as soon as we can when normal region sales resume, but in the meantime, we recommend any of the above alternatives until things get back to normal.

Have a great week from all of us at Zoha Islands And Fruit Islands

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