Second Life Community Rallies to Help Ukraine-Based Creators on Platform Second Life Ukraine tribute

Second Life Community Rallies to Help Ukraine-Based Creators on Platform

Second Life Ukraine tribute

A Tribute to Ukraine  – “Long may Ukraine stand proud and free.” by Rhaenys Targaryen

Update, 2/26: Bumped up for weekend support!

This is a Google Spreadsheet of Second Life stores and website Marketplace shops owned by Ukraine-based creators on the virtual world platform. It was quickly created by SL community members within the first 24 hours of the Putin regime’s invasion of that country, with a goal of supporting these merchants with L$ purchases — which they can subsequently convert into their local currency. (Whenever, that is, they are able to find a stable Internet connection in the now-embattled region.)

I have not yet personally verified that all the listed merchants are indeed based in the Ukraine, but a top expert in the SL economy confirms that these brands on the list, at least, definitely are:

The “Ukrainian Stores” list, as it happens, was created in great part by Second Life users based in Russia, who are now sickened by their government’s military assault:

“I am Russian,” as list founder Akirakiyoi Resident tells me. “We do not support Putin and vote against him in elections but it doesn’t help since there is no fair election in Russia. And of course, we do not support this violence. Russian and Ukrainian people have always had a strong connection.”

In fact, he is personal friends with many of the Ukraine-based Second Life users on the assistance list, Akirakiyoi tells me. He reached out to other Second Life-based friends across Russia and Ukraine, to add other merchants.

“I can’t stand on the side when horrible things [are] happening to my friend’s home,” Blossom Nova, another Russian-based SLer who is helping compile it, tells me. “I’m totally broken. We all feel useless not being able to do anything and be close to people we love.”

Akirakiyoi is still compiling Ukrainian-based merchant names, so if you know any that aren’t here, please message directly in-world, or post details in Comments below.

Hat tip: Cajsa Lilliehook and Barb of Fifty Linden Friday.

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