This week we have found ourselves at Seaclaid, a roleplaying region. This ferry station in an idyllic coastal town welcomes everyone with an undercurrent of romantic mystery.


The region’s owner, Katie Luna, explains that “Seaclaid was born in sorrow, but soon became an instrument of healing. Lost friends return, new friends are made. The place now has an almost magical feel to it. I step back in wonder and gratitude. That my simple little sim has garnered so much interest is amazing to me.” Although the region of Seaclaid is about 5 years old, the role play group active is now much older and as you can imagine, the landscape has evolved and grown more detailed over time.

In the video, Katie also states that “Since Seaclaid is a damaged part of the ferry, doorways open up at random times. And people from different time periods fall in, which allows for the oddities that you see walking around.” There is also so much to do and see here between the stone pathways, castle, Irish pub, and gallery. The gallery is filled with many styles of art, and don’t be surprised if you see a baby dragon floating by the fountain outside.

Sorrel Fang, a dressmaker, remarks that “Seaclaid is a breath of solitude, joyful fun when meeting others and sharing adventures, and a true masterpiece for the eyes and heart. Just when you think you know something, you discover a new mystery.” The wildflowers and sparkling water will take your breath away, and the many interesting shops are a pleasant way to lose track of time. 

As Katie mentions in the video, Tam’yn comes from a different planet and accidentally got trapped. However, it seems like destiny given Tam’yn’s glowing testament to Seaclaid’s inclusivity: “As a dedicated Furr, I’d about given up on roleplay since most RP’s are medieval, political, and humans only.  Seaclaid is not any of that.  Who you are is who you are since you “dropped in” from somewhere and some when else.”

Some other prominent Residents include Cressy, a Fae fox, and Zsophia, a healer. Onceagain happened upon Seaclaid by chance through the Destination Guide and ended up opening a small photography studio. Onceagain says “I don’t know how this adventure will end but I hope to leave lethargy behind and make new friendships because the beginning was sparkling.”

If you’re feeling inspired or would just like a nice place to relax, Seaclaid has several rentals open. It is a popular choice among bloggers and photographers, and there is no dress code. Visit Seaclaid today to enjoy a mystical windswept moment.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres

Have a Great Week from all of us at Zoha Islands Fruit Islands/Eden



When the night grows dark and the sea is calm and the fog rolls over the land, the wise folk bar their doors and watch for the shadow on the land. Dragons, Fae, Vampire, all fantasy creatures welcome. Yeah, you pesky humans too!

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