New Updates!

New Updates Coming Soon For The Second Life Marketplace 2024/2025

Here are some new updates on what everyone can look forward to in the coming year for the Second Life Marketplace from the Second Life web team. See the whole meeting here which runs for 1 hour and 8 minutes. These new updates are from the monthly Second Life Web User Group meeting on 3rd July 2024.

First release of Second Life Marketplace being mobile responsive…

  • Mobile experience will display better pages like the product page for reviews etc
  • Expected within weeks and this roll out will be going slowly
  • A new confirm button when clearing your shopping cart is coming soon
  • MFA will be added to the Second Life Marketplace and this will be Opt in (the lab strongly recommends this). The plan is to add it on login
  • There will be more updates coming this year as well as the ones listed here

Other things on the Second Life Marketplace roadmap for this year…

  • Additional changes to Search on the Second Life Marketplace while working on MFA.
  • The lab will be working at how it changes transactions and merchant feedback on the feedback portal
  • After Search tweaks and MFA on Marketplace the lab will work on responsive marketplace for Search/Shopping Cart (likely to happen in 2025)

There is more discussion and related questions though the meeting (watch the video above). Below are some big updates that was said by the lab from SL21B…

  • The Marketplace design and UI will be updated real soon which will make it more accessible on smaller screens & in-viewer web browser
  • Marketplace integration roadmap with CasperVend is in the works now
  • Dark Mode on Second Life Marketplace – Not on the roadmap
  • And more!

Loads of improvements will be launching soon and some towards the end of 2024/early 2025. New experiences are coming soon which sounds really exciting.

Have a good week from all of us at Zoha Islands/Fruit Islands.