Giant Sculpture Built in Second Life Exported to Burning Man in Real Life

Giant Sculpture Built in Second Life Exported to Burning Man in Real Life

SL to Burning Man Butterfly

Above: Jolhoeft’s Burning Man installation in Second Life and (inset) at Burning Man

I just wrote about how Second Life was inspired by both the Metaverse of Snow Crash and Burning Man of orgiastic arts festival fame, and the SL20B exhibit has a cool installation that demonstrates both: A giant butterfly and flower created in Second Life – that was then exported as a design and built in real life at Burning Man!

“The butterfly and the flower were all built out of prims,” Jolhoeft explains, “and I would continue to model in-world with prims until I started building it out of wood.”

Here’s more about his process, and some behind the scenes:




“A lot of the initial work still took place in SL.. I used Firestorm to export the wings as mesh, and Blender to make a 2-D projection. That gave me a template I could print out and trace onto a sheet of plywood, which I then cut with a jig saw.

“The wings I exported to Collada, then into Blender to make an orthographic projection, which I exported to SVG and printed out as templates to trace onto plywood, then cut out with a jig saw. Most of the other other parts I was able to just take measurements from the final SL design.”

Metamorphosis Development


[Go here to visit it in Second Life this weekend] before the SLB20 exhibit closes down. If you miss it there, however, good news: Jolhoeft’s planning to bring back to the Butterfly to Burning Man 2023.

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