Feed a Smile – Millions of Lindens Raised to Support Kenyan Charity

Second Life has long been a place for fundraising for charities of all kinds. From dances and events to auctions and shops, where there is commerce, there is fundraising.

The charity big on the radar this month is Feed a Smile, much due to the efforts of Madpea’s International Food Fair which is attempting to raise a whopping 9,879,000Ls ( or 37,000 USD) in order to build a kitchen in Nakuru, Kenya.

Don’t be thrown off by the big price tag. The Feed a Smile organization asks only for a donation of 100L – which can feed a child!

This short video demonstrates exactly where donations to this charity go. Directly, and immediately to this community. Why is it important? Why here? The video describes some of the dangerous circumstances that children in Kenya are managing each day. The most impact we can make is through creating access to food – while buying food in Second Life!

The Madpea International Food Fair goes on until March 4th and features some amazing designers. 50% of proceeds go to Feed a Smile. Check it out while its still open!

Feed a Smile is not new to Second Life. The Feed a Smile sim has been open since 2012. Madpea has had other fundraisers of the sort, including a ‘Celebrity Auction’ in 2014 covered on a Draxfiles World Makers episode.

Second Life is truly a connecting force, bringing us together as a human race to make a difference for those who need it, no matter how much or little we can give or where we live.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by the Feed a Smile sim and learn how you can get involved to help see this kitchen come to life!

Delilah Greyson (amoralie.triellis)
ZoHa Islands Blogger