Coming to an Agni region near you, an update on changes to Voice!

We shared back in March our exciting news about our plans to support WebRTC Voice in Second Life.

We’ve made some great progress in the two months since we shared that news, namely:

  • Second Life WebRTC Voice Project Viewer is now available: Download
  • Second Life WebRTC Voice support deployed to Agni channel “Pop Rocks”

To experience spatial audio on this WebRTC Voice Beta region, you will need a WebRTC Voice-enabled Viewer. The WebRTC Voice-enabled viewer can also use voice on non-WebRTC voice-enabled regions. It is our goal that WebRTC-Voice-enabled Viewers can still communicate with all other viewers via P2P, conference and group calls.

You should immediately notice the higher quality audio for voice as well as the following benefits:

  • Improved security
  • Removes external dependency on third-party provider for voice
  • Simple setup from behind firewalls and private networks
  • Enables greater control of voice operation in the viewer
  • WebRTC features including audio device selection, stereo audio, noise reduction, automatic gain control, and echo cancellation

There are some known issues:

  • Conference/Group/P2P in WebRTC is not yet available on the WebRTC Voice regions.
  • An occasional popup regarding voice server incompatibility can appear. Restart voice if you see this.
  • The viewer may crash if you connect/disconnect headphones or enable/disable voice.
  • Voice morphing is not available in this WebRTC-Voice enabled region.

We plan to keep working on the WebRTC Voice Project Viewer and promote it to Release Candidate status in early June. Please share your feedback and any issues found in our feedback portal. We’ll continue to deploy updates to the WebRTC Voice region during this time.

For Third Party Viewer developers, please check out this branch: 

Consult the documentation for more information.

We look forward to WebRTC Voice being available grid-wide and supported in our default Viewer and TPVs!

Have a good day from all of us at Zoha Islands And Fruit Islands