Black Dragon Viewer Updates: Photographer’s Dream

New Black Dragon Viewer Update Makes SL Look Like A AAA Game

Credit: NWN

There’s a new update to Black Dragon, the third party Second Life viewer with a cult following due to its amazing graphics and fast frame rate. Creator NiranV Dean lays out the top highlights here:

Besides fixing the broken group chat behavior options, a crash when trying to toggle borderless window mode off while in login screen, enter key not working properly in keybinding dialogs among some other minor things this update comes with a revamped Media-on-a-Prim floater.

So mostly minor technical fixes. The major reason for trying out Black Dragon, as always, is if you got a PC powerful enough to handle it, the viewer makes Second Life look like what you’re seeing above (also shot by NiranV) — a AAA videogame on the order of Fallout 4 or perhaps more appropriate a comparison in this case, the Dead Space series.

Yes, Second Life has a comparable experience to those horror sci-fi games:


SL viewer blackdragon Doomed Ship Second Life

It’s called, of course, Dead Space, which has existed in some form for around a decade, and according to recent reports, now exists in Gibson, SL’s oldest cyberpunk sim. (Yes, named after William.)