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Binge Watch: A Second Life Machinima Team Not Only Produced a Full-Length, Tarantino-esque Detective Series, It’s Now On Its Third Season!

With its arresting visuals, sardonic dialog, and music like the ironic Sinatra throwback heard above, the LANG series is something Quentin Tarantino* might make, if he was in the mood to make a comedic neo-noir machinima in Second Life.Watch all episodes here——-> Created by Zatch Ixchel and company, I wrote about LANG last January, and it’s not only kept up its solid pace, but is now teasing Season 3 as coming soon. 

“At this point, I’m inspired by the characters themselves, the world we’ve built here,” Zach tells me, when I ask how he keeps inspired to keep creating episodes. “I want to know what happens to these people. I want to know why Lang is the way he is. I want to know if Sadie will ever be satisfied.”

Watch Season 1 and Season 2 below so you’re all caught up before S3 drops:

As for the Season 3 teaser, you may get a hint of what’s coming soon:

LANG Second Life machinima YouTube

“I have an affinity for the back of the head,” says Zach. “Some have probably noticed — nearly every episode of the series will frame the back of somebody’s head at some point. This gives the viewer the sense they are joining the character in introspection. They are visiting the character in their most private quarters; the back of the head. In this teaser we visit Arthur Charles, uninvited.”

* Speaking of which, a couple well-placed sources once told me a regular Tarantino player was a motherf#@!ng Second Life user back in the day. So you never know!

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