ZoHa Islands Showcase: Curio Obscura

Today we have a very special showcase just for you…I absolutely love the originality of her building…down to the unique product line.  I’m sure you’ve all come across the little door teleporters somewhere in your SL…well this is the mind behind the madness!  She’s a very creative soul with an incredible talent….defintely worth the look
Store  Name: Curio Obscura

Store/Business Contacts and Title: Pandora Wrigglesworth (Inventor and Proprietress)

Website:  www.curio-obscura.com
Flickr Account:  Flickr Account

KittyKat Jules: What does your store sell or what does your business do?
Pandora Wrigglesworth : Curio Obscura sells a wide variety of strange and wonderful things including unique vehicles, strange hairstyles, fun things to sit on, outlandish avatars, teleporters, gadgets, and more. Some of my best known works are the Anywhere Doors (the animated teleporter), the Oui Coupe (the smallest vehicle in SL), Clockwork Automaton Skins, the Whiteboard Typing Override, the Deluxe Bunnygirl Outfit, and the Rococo Fantastico (the largest hairstyle in all of SL).

KittyKat Jules:  How long has your business been established?
Pandora Wrigglesworth : Since January 2008
A Special note from the creator:
“Visitors to Curio Obscura should please try to tolerate the broken remains of the other three shops which I crushed to make room for my own. While passing through the rubble, please watch your step as all of the weaponry on the front of the shop is interactive so a careless visitor might get crushed by a giant hammer, squeezed by a metal claw, or ground up in the grinder. (No, really, go try them. They’re hilarious.)

KittyKat Jules:  What made you want to start up your business and what drives you to keep going?
Pandora Wrigglesworth : I honestly don’t know how to answer a question like that. It’s just what I do.

KittyKat Jules:  Any exciting happenings or new items you’d like to show off for us?
Pandora Wrigglesworth:  I recently released the Marionette Control and Strings. It’s the first set of marionette strings in SL that uses no particles and no scripts at all. The whole thing is fully mesh-based and the string bend and move with your movements very fluidly. If you come to the shop, you can try out a free demo.

I have started a new line of diary-style typing overrides. The first three are the Diary of a Princess, Diary of a Vampire, and the Journal of a Superhero. With one of these, when you type, you will open a diary and start writing a new entry. The text for the entry changes every time and may include the names of nearby avatars, yourself, and the region in which you are standing.

KittyKat Jules:  What would your advice be to the new business owner in Second Life?
Pandora Wrigglesworth : There are hundreds of other businesses in Second Life. If you want to be noticed, be uniquely yourself.

KittyKat Jules: How did you originally get started in Second Life?
Pandora Wrigglesworth : I was bored and then I saw that Second Life episode of “CSI: NY” and I thought, “Hey, I can do that.”

KittyKat Jules:  Any hobbies besides running your business?  What do you like to do in SL?
Pandora Wrigglesworth :  To be honest, I rarely do anything in SL except make new things. I’m not terribly social.

Hope you all take the time to visit this wonderful shop soon!  I’ve got a wonderful line up of stores just for you coming up…keep them coming and if you’re interested in being featured…send me a Notecard in world titled “Blog Me @ ZI”…and I will contact you to schedule an interview.  Thank you for all for making ZI the place to be!
Warm Regards,

Kittykat Jules,

Assistant Manager & Public Relations/Marketing