ZoHa Islands Expansion – 151 New Regions!

Change is in the air and boy have we seen a lot of that this 2 weeks! We are happy to announce that we have added many more people to our ZoHa Community, both residents and staff. Pup Witherspoon and Milano Ferrentino, who owned and operated Bonaire Estates since 2008, have sold the estate to Zoha Islands effective February 5, 2014. In addition to this we also added a new gay-friendly, 5 sim community to our estate the week before. It features some beautiful shops & shop space availability as well as a friendly neighborhood atmosphere, and also some awesome roads connecting the regions. Both estates offer sailing waterways and gorgeous landscaping. So not only did we acquire 146 new sims but we are proud to be adding 5 new staff members to the ZoHa Islands team from both buy-outs.

Pup and Milano started Bonaire estates back in 2008 with 1 full sim and 2 homesteads. In the past 6 years they have build up Bonaire to the beautiful estate you see today. Sadly though some of the best things have to come to an end. As a number of Bonaire residents know, Pup has been struggling with a chronic and debilitating disease for many years and it has become increasingly difficult for her to handle the 12 to 15 hours she has been working each day in running the estate. Of the several generous offers received for her gorgeous estate – she decided to go with ZoHa Islands – making Bonaire’s beautiful sims a part of the ZI Family. Several large estates were at the negotiation tables bidding on the Bonaire estates. They out bid us but we offered something they wouldn’t. We offered to keep the estate intact and honor the tiers of the current residents. So even though we offered Pup and Milano less money we won the bidding in the end. You may notice a few slight changes here and there in the sailing land but we assure you we are keeping the pristine waterways open and accessible to everyone. We have added a few more islands to the waterways leaving plenty of room to keep the watercraft traffic flowing just as it always has. Sailing isn’t for you? No problem, there are plenty of beautiful parks and even horse riding trails on a few of the sims that you might enjoy. We have kept the parks and trails just as Pup had left them, stunning scenic views was something she seemed to have excelled in. Pup, Milano and the rest of the Bonaire staff have worked hard to provide a beautiful paradise for their residents and we feel honored to be able to carry on that tradition.

If you’re a current ZoHa Islands resident and you’d like to relocate to the new sailing sims – stop in and contact a ZoHa Islands Representative today and we can help to accommodate your requests :).

We added another community to our islands the week before the Bonaire deal. A set of 5 sims we bought from Starra Resident. She owned the gay friendly community over on the Pinewood / Folsom sims. She started in the land business about 9 months ago when she went into business with a friend of hers named Damian Tar, who own 3 sims and she added to it. She ended up with 6 sims that have beautiful landscaping, charming shops and a sailing area. Out of those 6 sims she sold one off privately and 5 were sold to ZoHa Islands. Starra did this to free up some time for other commitments both RL and SL. Now similar to what happened with the bidding on Bonaire, Starra had several other higher offers but went with ZoHa because he agreed to keep the sims the same for her residents which was really important to her. Since she sold her sims she has been very busy with other projects here in SL. She still sells land from time to time through ZoHa Islands as a sales agent but she is passionate about her ABC horse breeding and racing. I am really glad I got to take a few moments to talk to her about this and I am happy to work with her here at ZI .

New land isn’t the only new thing around here. We have some amazing new agents and managers that we have added to the team in the last few weeks. JasonX Baxton came over from Bonaire estates and is now one of the night Estate managers. He has worked for Bonaire for a bit over a year doing various things such as sales, decorating, and customer support. He started in the land business back in 2008 and been loving it every since. He loves meeting a lot of interesting people and getting a whole new prospective on things from working here. We also have 3 other new sales agents coming over from Bonaire as well, MidnightReign Leistone, Wade Resident & Crazed1247420 Soderstrom. I am proud to be able to work with all the new people that have been added to the team in the last few weeks. They have helped make the transition move along smoothly and the work day more enjoyable. They are a valuable asset to the company and to our residents with their knowledge and commitment to our growing community.

So is this it? Have we stopped growing and expanding? I sure hope not. I love working with all the wonderful people on our team and helping all the amazing residents we are proud to call our own. Who wouldn’t want more of that? So from all of us here I would like to thank you for your continued commitment to a place I am proud to call my home….. ZoHa Islands.

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