The Bonus Prims “Lie” In Second Life

This is sometimes a difficult misconception to redirect, as many estate owners like to advertise the use of “bonus prims” as an incentive to get people to rent from them. When you’re looking to rent a parcel, it sounds like an incredibly attractive advantage, right? Well, this is where it’s a bit misleading.

Estate owners have the ability to delegate an Object Bonus multiplier to their land parcels. So, that can enable a particular parcel to have a higher number of prims available to the occupant. However, what does not change is that any particular sim still only has an overall capacity of 15000 prims. All the owner is doing is concentrating prims more in individual parcels, but then it depletes the number of prims the remaining land may have.

So, while it sounds great, the owners are depending on not being fully rented. In the long run, it’s not really the wisest business move when you have a portion of land sales that you can never make because you have delegated a portion of the sim to enabling the higher prim usage for everyone else. If you went to that same owner and wanted to occupy the entire sim, you’d find yourself with exactly what the capacity is in reality: 15000 prims.

It’s a strategy that some owners use in order to entice some long term tenants, and that I can understand. But, it can be misleading if someone is unaware that they’re focusing more on getting occupants with half-truth advertising.

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I hope you all have an awesome week ahead!

Bria Oceanside

ZoHa Blogger/Social Media