Update: AMD/ATI Graphics Card Fix for Firestorm Users

A quick update for Firestorm Users. Firestorm’s staff have posted in their Wiki their recommendation on how to fix the various issues caused by driver updates for those graphics cards. If you have an AMD/ATI graphics card then you may need to do these steps (ATI drivers don’t seem to support OpenGL graphics very well, and SL viewers use OpenGL, as opposed to DirectX). Residents are reporting issues such as rigged mesh not showing up, the world is pink, everything goes black, repeated crashing, etc.

If you are a Firestorm viewer user and are experiencing these issues, please take a look at the following article (this is a clickable link to the Firestorm Wiki): AMD/ATI Worn Rigged Mesh Goes Invisible.

I hope you are finding these tips helpful!

I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers, ZI Social Media