More Goodies in store for you on October 27th!

So you already know ZoHa Islands is celebrating its tenth year with an amazing lineup of TEN awesome live performances right??

Just wait til you see the TEN Amazing prized we have lined up for you too!  From gift cards from some amazing designers across the grid, subscription boxes, or maybe even getting a free week of tiers?  You don’t want to miss this super fun party or these prizes.  See Below for details!

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There will be a prize given each hour for TEN hours straight!

“Cheeky Pea” Giftcard (Home Decor and Furnishings)

“The Loft” Giftcard  (Home Decor and Furnishings)

“Fancy Decor” Giftcard (Home Decor and Furnishings)

“+Half Deer+” Giftcard (Home Decor, Accessories)

“Jian” Giftcard (Home & Garden, Pets & Animals)

“Apple Fall” Giftcard (Home Decor and Furnishings/Homes)

November Subscription DecoCrate distributed by MadPea Productions

Cash prizes

Tier Credits in Various Amounts (More to come)


1PM – 2PM Mimi Carpenter
2PM – 3PM Wolfie Starfire
3PM – 4PM Winston Ackland
4PM – 5PM Melenda Mikael
5PM – 6PM Samm Qendra
6PM – 7PM Cryptic Harmony
7PM – 8PM Saramarie Philly
8PM – 9PM AM Forte
9PM – 10PM Alex Mays
10PM – 11PM Gibson