Lumiya: Navigate SL from your Mobile/Tablet in a 3D Enviornment

Lumiya is a Second Life and OpenSim client with a 3D world View.  With Lumiya, you can send and receive instant messages, teleport to your favorite Second Life Locations, participate in Local Chat, interact with objects, manager your inventory, and see and navigate the virtual world around you unlike that of recent solely text based clients.

The application is available in the Google Play store for Android  and cost about $2.95 USD.

Runs entirely on the phone, no special in world objects and required.  No Hidden subscription fees.  Every review I’ve read so far has been nothing but positive as well – Alina Lyvette, the developer of the application has done a very nice job.

HUDs can be used.

Land Tools are accessible – restarting regions you have EM powers on.

Lumiya supports mesh content and is compatible with RLV.

Version 2.4.1

Updated Feb 1- 2013

Size 4.80MB

Content rating: Everyone

Whats New with the Application:

Support for mesh objects and Clothing

Support for RLV

Screenshot_2013-02-04-07-11-37 Screenshot_2013-02-04-07-17-56 Screenshot_2013-02-04-07-17-29 Screenshot_2013-02-04-07-16-05 Screenshot_2013-02-04-07-17-25 Screenshot_2013-02-04-07-15-44


Screenshot_2013-02-04-07-32-59 Screenshot_2013-02-04-11-39-24