Home Buying & Setup In Second Life

Today’s Posting will focus primarily on our Residential side.

So say….you’ve just purchased this lovely piece of land or have a place you’ve had for a while and just need a new look, maybe a fresh start after that rough break up? – or just like me and swap out houses every month cause you just like the change of scenery.  Today I’ll help provide you with some tips and tricks with placing your new home, where to find the best homes (Listed at the bottom of the posting) – for your budget and how to eliminate those pesky lag causing & covenant violating rez scripts.

First things first.  When purchasing a home or land – there ar a few things to keep in mind,  Footprint being one of the major ones & Prim Count.  If you purchase a home that is 64m x 64m – sure it may fit on a 4096sqm parcel but it leaves absolutely no room so unless you want your home touching your neighbors – this is not a good idea.  Rules of thumb is to leave at least 10m of breathing room around your home if it is not located in the sky – in the sky it doesn’t matter too much as you have so many different elevations to choose from.  The room around allows for nice landscaping, natural privacy options and a good overall experience for you and your neighbors that makes you actually want to spend time at your home and show it off to your friends.  Rather than that pesky 15-20m privacy wall….why not use natural plot dividers or trees? Many stores offer nice waterfalls and plot dividers at low cost to customers.   As for prim count – keep in mind things like…is this home pre furnished?  How many prims will you need to landscape and decorate?  Also allow yourself room to rez and open packages.

Land Footprints on Standard Pull Prim Sims are as Follows:

  • 1024 sqm – 32m x 32m – 234 Prims
  • 2048 sqm – 32m x 64m – 468 Prims
  • 3072 sqm – 48m x 64m – 703 Prims
  • 4096 sqm – 64m x 64m- 937 Prims (1/16 Region)
  • 6144 sqm – 64m x 96m – 1406 Prims
  • 8192 sqm – 64m x 128m – 1875 Prims (1/8 Region)
  • 16384 sqm – 128m x 128m – 3750 Prims ( 1/4 Region)
  • 32768 sqm – 128m x 256m – 7500 Prims ( Half Region)
  • 65536 sqm – 256m x 256m – 15000 Prims (Full Region)

Land Footprints on Homestead Sims are as Follows:

  • 1/8 Homestead – 8192 sqm – 64m x 128m – 468 Prims
  • 1/4 Homestead – 16384 sqm – 128m x 128m – 937 Prims
  • 3/8 Homestead – 24576 sqm – 128m x 192m – 1406 Prims
  • 1/2 Homestead – 32768 sqm – 128m x 256m – 1875 Prims
  • Full Homestead – 65536 sqm – 256m x 256m – 3750 Prims

Secondly – now you’ve found your home, its time to rez it.  Take out your rez box….position – click and rez.  Next say you need to rotate it facing another direction right?  Rules of thumb – use right angles (0°, 90°, 180° or 270°) to make moving and positioning things in your new pad a breeze.  Please see the photos below for info on how to rotate properly & remove LAG causing rez scripts:

Rez Box 1

Rez Box 2

Rez Box 3

Rez Box 4

Rez Box 5

Prefabs – Homes & Builds

Hope this helps answer some questions or at least gives you all some wonderful new home buying options. 

Have a great week Zoha Islands – and thanks for reading!

Please contact KittyKat Jules if you are one of our residents and want to have your Home/Prefab Building business listed here.