Content Creators Wanted: Experience Keys Beta

Linden Lab is looking for creators to beta test a new way of interacting with items in Second LIfe without having to constantly give permissions.

The Tools and Technology blog posted about this early in July, so if you’re a creator and you want to get in on the beta testing of Experience Keys, sign up right away!

This is taken directly from the Tools and Technology Blog:

“We’re ready to start a limited beta test of an exciting new tool for creators: Experience Keys. These are new LSL functions and calls that make it possible to bypass the multiple permissions dialogs that you encounter with scripted objects today. Experience Keys will make it possible for users to create more immersive experiences inworld, because those interacting with the experience will be able to grant all the permissions necessary to participate just once, instead of having the experience interrupted by multiple permissions requests. To learn more, check out this brief video.

(Ed. note: I always enjoy Torley vids!)

“We used this technology when creating the Linden Realms game, and we’re now ready to start putting this tool in the talented hands of creators in the Second Life community. Experience Keys is a powerful tool, and we need to be sure we test and roll out the feature carefully, so the first step will be a limited beta, then the viewer and server releases shortly after.

“If you’d like to participate, send an email to with “Experience Key Beta” as the subject along with:

• Your experience name.

• What genre does it fit in?

• Give us a brief description of your experience.

• How would your customers benefit from Experience Keys?”

From the end user perspective, it looks like a fabulous way to improve user experiences without all the clicking, but also has the potential to be harmful if someone uses those permissions to do evil things. I hope that our awesome content creators use this opportunity to make Experience Keys into an amazing tool!

I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers
ZoHa Islands Social Media Manager