Check Out Our New Support System!

Here's what you need to know about the ZoHa Islands new and improved Support system!

Here’s what you need to know about the ZoHa Islands new and improved Support system!

We at ZoHa Islands want to provide everyone with well-rounded and inclusive support as we have been for years, and we recently implemented a new ticketing system that will allow us to do this in a way that is far more reliable and flexible than utilizing the in-world group.

How this will work is that instead of speaking in the Support group, you would go to and submit a ticket for your question/issue/inquiry. Our dedicated staff will handle the tickets in the order they come in and provide you the level of professional service you’ve been accustomed to. While this might seem like a big change for some, I’ll explain why this will be a very improved method of delivering your support:

  • We know that Second Life has its moments. Having an external ticket system will ensure that your request won’t be missed, as well as the follow up.
  • The ticket system will also allow you to submit your request in your native language. This will help reduce any language barrier so we can better assist you.
  • We’re not changing the support, we’re improving the way that you GET the support!
  • You have the option to provide an email address, which would mean that you would be able to receive your updates via email– no need to log into Second Life to response or receive responses!
  • The current Z.I. chat will become the community chat that we’ve been missing so you can connect with other residents

We want to be able to continue to deliver top-notch service in a way that eliminates the unpredictable nature of Second Life so your request or question won’t get lost in the shuffle. Same great staff and management, same great land opportunities, new and improved way of giving you an effective customer experience.

Again, make sure to head to for all support-related needs and bookmark the site so you’ll have it handy if and when the time comes!

Bria Oceanside

ZoHa Blogger/Social Media