Second Life Community Exhibition – May 2024 Expansion

Second Life Community Exhibition – May 2024 Expansion



As part of our effort to better connect virtual world newcomers with some of the best and most active inworld communities, on January 30th we announced the Second Life Community Exhibition (SLCE).

On May 1st we expanded the SLCE with the addition of 10 new exhibits, bringing more diversity and creativity to the showcase. This second phase not only enriches our current offerings but also introduces five larger parcels, designed to provide more space and opportunities for immersive experiences.

Joining our initial group of esteemed exhibitors: 

  • Bay City
  • Nonprofit Commons Oasis
  • Virtual Ability
  • BURN2
  • Boystown
  • Caledon
  • Furzona
  • LWN – Second Norway
  • Drivers of SL
  • Confederation of Democratic Simulators
  • Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy

We are proud to welcome these new participants:

  • Baunatal German Community
  • Islands of New England
  • The Nature Collective
  • FOCUS Art Magazine and Galleries
  • The Teegle Equestrian Community
  • Leeward Cruising Club
  • Premier Wrestling
  • The Lighthouse: Support & Meetings
  • Virtual Worlds Education Consortium
  • American Cancer Society

These additions enhance the variety within our exhibition and foster a supportive and engaging environment for all Residents. Explore these communities and connect with the unique cultures and initiatives each new exhibit brings to Second Life!

We plan to expand and cycle in more communities continuously, so if you are interested in being considered, please fill out the application form



Second Life Community Exhibition

The Second Life Community Exhibition (SLCE) is designed to showcase a variety of communities to new Residents right from the start, by featuring them prominently at the Welcome Hub, a key initial gathering spot. We will regularly update the exhibition with a diverse mix of community showcases.

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Enhancing Our World Together

Important Updates for the Second Life Community

At Second Life, we are committed to creating a richer, more immersive, and safer environment for everyone. With that spirit, we’re excited to share several important updates and developments that not only aim to improve our virtual world but also ensure that our community continues to thrive in a safe and engaging manner.

Bringing Second Life Everywhere: Mobile and Desktop Updates

Our development team is working tirelessly to make Second Life accessible wherever you are, whether you’re on a mobile device or sitting at your desktop. While our Mobile App is still in Private Alpha, we’re looking forward to expanding access to more members of our community shortly. Our new App promises to bring all the richness and beauty of Second Life directly to your mobile phones and tablets. Don’t miss our latest developer update video for a sneak peek at what’s coming!

On the desktop front, we’re gearing up for a wider release of some of your most requested features for the Second Life Official Viewer. We’re particularly excited about rolling out innovations like Mirrors and 2K textures, which were showcased in a recent “Lab Gab” video.

Making Second Life Safer: Strengthening Community Protections

Our priority has always been to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all while preserving the freedom of expression that makes our virtual world so special. That’s why we’re working to further enhance the safety and protection of the Second Life platform. These efforts include strengthening some of our community and employee policies as well as evaluating improvements to our age verification process. 

One area of ongoing scrutiny both internally and externally concerns child-presenting avatars. We recognize and want to acknowledge the vibrant community of residents who enjoy roleplaying as such, and we also feel that it is crucial to reinforce our stance that sexualized ageplay is strictly prohibited. Today, we are updating our Child Avatar Policy to ensure a clear separation and to safeguard all community members. We know that this update has the potential to cause confusion or concern in our community, so we’ve prepared an FAQ which we will continue to update as questions come up.

Strengthening Internal Policies and Community Engagement

We recently posted our initial response to community concerns about alleged violations of company and community policies by employees, contractors, and community members. Since that time, we have conducted multiple thorough investigations to look closely at whether there were specific infractions or problematic interactions that needed us to take action. 

The investigation determined that all Lindens and contractors have stayed in compliance with our own community guidelines, as well as unwritten, ethical guidelines. I do not make this statement lightly, and I know there will be plenty of discussion. What I can say is that there is no incentive, monetary or otherwise, for me to mislead the community. At some point, the community has to trust that we, the Lindens, do well when the community thrives. We may make mistakes along the way, and we know that our community will engage with us when we do. Second Life is an enormous virtual world and we have to walk a very fine line between policing and preserving freedoms while also protecting the future growth and health of Second Life as a platform that respects diversity and creative expression among our community.

The findings did highlight opportunities for improvement. As a result, we are making updates to our internal policies to raise the standard for how Linden employees should respectfully engage with community members. This addresses multiple forms of engagement including how we present ourselves, how we interact with the community (even in moments of conflict), and how we minimize the perception of conflict of interest and favoritism in our interactions. Additionally, there have been specific actions we have initiated or finalized:

  • Updated our Child Avatar Policy 
  • Updated our internal Policies and Procedures
  • Implemented personnel changes
  • Initiated management improvement programs
  • Committed to Community Round tables (see below)
  • Committed to increased transparency and accountability

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce the launch of our Community Round table with Second Life Leadership. The first one is scheduled for May 20 at 9:30-11 a.m. PT. This will be an opportunity for community members to connect directly with our top executives, share your input, and discuss ideas on enhancing Second Life. This initiative represents another step in our efforts to improve our community interactions, ensuring that your voice is more directly heard and valued.

I will be a part of the first Community Round table and welcome you all to attend. 

Building a Better Second Life Together

All of these updates and initiatives are part of our broader drive to continually improve Second Life. Stay tuned for more, participate in upcoming events, and let’s make Second Life better together.

Oberwolf Linden

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2024 Spoonful Of Sugar Festival

The Spoonful of Sugar Festival
We believe the simplest form of compassion is to simply care for the life of another. And we believe medical care to be the most fundamentally basic means by which to do that. – The Spoonful Of Sugar Festival Mission Statement Friends, As we all know, the global crises MSF faces right now are incredibly urgent. And these are the kinds of polarizing events that can steal our focus from one another as human beings if we are not mindful. Through my own sea of frustration and sorrows and even anger, I know, it can be a challenge to keep this mission simple. But this is not the time to become immobilized by grief or distracted by personal agendas. Not when WE are so graced to be relatively safe where we are and are so graced to have the very basics we need to move from just one day to the next. We are graced to be able to help. So we help. I talk to a lot of you and I find most of you are looking for a way to do that. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières is a worldwide movement that was founded in Paris, France in 1971. They serve in over 70 countries at any given time. The Spoonful Of Sugar, founded in 2015, exists to serve MSF and In that time has raised close to $140,000 USD (Ooh La La, Indeed!) for this magnificent cause that serves patients. Not races, not religions or other social biases. Just patients. And Second Life, this outrageously beautiful and open-minded platform ALSO WITHOUT borders, brings it EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. Please join us this September 7th through the 22nd, as we celebrate our TENTH Spoonful Of Sugar Festival in, (but of course!) PARIS, FRANCE! See how over 200 virtual Business people, Creators, Artists and Performers AND MIMES show their support for this critically needed, worldwide medical support organization. Show YOUR support without borders. As they say at MSF: “Don’t throw your money out the window, throw it FURTHER!” Peace, Ever Courtois, Co-Founder, Coordinator Angelique Wickentower, Co-Founder Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières : “This charity’s score is 98%, earning it a Four-Star rating. If this organization aligns with your passions and values, you can give with confidence.” –
Visit the MSF event page Make a donation Track donation totals

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Increased Land Impact Allowance Is Here

As promised in our PBR Materials announcement last year — as of this morning’s Second Life server grid roll, we have increased the allowance of Land Impact by lowering mesh Download Weight by 15% for all of Second Life! Since much of Second Life today consists of mesh content, anyone who owns or rents land will see more land impact available on their parcels. 

How can I check if my objects have been affected? Right-click on the object you want to inspect, then click Edit, then click the More info link to see the current Download weight.

Increased Land Impact Allowance Is Here.png

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind residents that this allowance is being given for no charge and is intended to help offset any additional Land Impact spent on manually rezzed reflection probes and lights, and of course in anticipation of the upcoming Mirrors release.

Land Impact is a finite resource, please rez responsibly!


Updated: Frequently Asked Questions.

Q.  My private region can hold 20,000 prims (Land Impact). How many prims will I have after this 15% Download weight reduction?

  1. The region will still only be able to hold its original 20,000 prims, as the same for any parcel, or 30k private region. With this update mesh object’s download weight has been reduced, requiring less land impact for objects where download weight is higher than physics and server cost, and letting your prims go further. Imagine a box that can only carry 20 pounds. With this update, the box is still the same, but the objects inside are lighter!

    To learn more about how weight is factored into an object’s land impact visit:

Q.  What types of items are NOT affected by the update?

  1. Animesh, primitives, and sculpties are not affected. The update will only affect static mesh objects that are rezzed onto your land.

Q.  How can I see what my meshes download weight used to be?

  1. At this time you will only be able to compare it by rezzing an object on the Beta Grid (Aditi) running older server code, which will be for a limited time as we are constantly moving forward. Any Beta Grid regions running server build 2024-02-21.7995320426 should report the old Download Weight.

Q.  This is confusing.  Why didn’t you raise the region’s prim (Land Impact) limits?

  1. Download Weight effectively controls the scene triangle budget.  While the limit was appropriate when Download Weight was first introduced, it’s too restrictive by modern standards.  By adjusting Download Weight independently of other resource limits, we can avoid overloading other systems (such as physics and script time) that are already using appropriate limits.  Essentially, the weights were out of balance, with download weight carrying too much emphasis compared to other weights, and this change moves towards a better balance.  
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Second Life Spotlight – Kacee Popstar

Today we’re shining a spotlight on Kacee Popstar, a multi-talented Resident known for her pivotal role in spearheading events and elevating brands with a unique blend of creativity and strategic marketing flair.

Second Life Spotlight - Kacee Popstar.jpg
Photo by Aria Christen

How long have you been in Second Life and how did you first hear about it?
I first entered Second Life around 2010, initially exploring the platform without a specific focus. I dabbled in creating a clothing store called Fresh 2 Def and enjoyed spending time with my SL family. After a few years, real-life commitments led me to take a hiatus. It wasn’t until August 2021, prompted by the unique circumstances of the global pandemic, that I decided to revisit Second Life. To my surprise, my entire SL family was still active. Soon after returning, I met Fang Palazzo (greatfang.novo), an uber talented Live Mix DJ in Second Life. My return marked a significant shift as I delved into managing DJ Fang under Pop Entertainment. Soon after, I met my partner-in-crime Sugarplum Zsun (sugarplum85) and I found myself fully immersed in SL’s vibrant club scene and surrounded by the most amazing people driven by the love of music. I spent most of my time attending sets and promoting DJs and clubs by recording short, fun real-time party videos that seemed to really resonate with people. I am a support machine! If you are doing creative things in SL, chances are you’ve seen me right there cheering you on! My real-world experience in the music industry in NYC seamlessly blended with my virtual endeavors, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with creativity and excitement. Second Life became a space for creativity and virtual adventures. The immersive and dynamic nature of SL really drew me back, and I’ve been deeply engaged ever since.

You are a multi-faceted individual who is involved in the design, production, and marketing of different events, activities, and brands in Second Life. Can you share some of the projects you are involved with and how they have evolved?
My journey in Second Life is a tapestry woven with my real-life passions and talents. Hailing from a background in the music industry, where I specialized in experiential marketing, I bring a flavor to the grid that’s uniquely me. In every endeavor, one golden rule guides me – a dedication to infusing joy and prioritizing the user experience.

The excitement began with event planning and creating Pop Entertainment. Orchestrating and promoting lively DJ and club events connected me with a huge network of dedicated club owners and talented DJs throughout Second Life. These amazing people and their love for music is truly inspiring. From there, I ventured into the world of creation and design with the clothing brand DAO, meaning ‘star’ in Thai. This was merely the starting point for a journey that led to the evolution of Palazzo Park, a small idea for a bowling alley that blossomed into a dynamic entertainment destination. It means everything to me that so many residents visit and enjoy Palazzo Park daily and infuse a little fun into their Second Life!

Around this time, I began managing marketing for various brands. The most gratifying journey has been HexPosed. I was trusted to take over management of the brand and it has been a blast cultivating HexPosed from the ground up and steering a modest pose store with only a few products into a known brand expanding its offerings to include backdrops, holdables, and furniture. 

Along this path, my mission was clear – to bridge the gap between the mainstream and urban communities in Second Life. I started by introducing HexPosed and supporting urban events and ventures with HexPosed’s involvement. This ambition translated into DJ Fang joining Sneaky Link Entertainment, an energetic and dedicated organization featuring talented Urban DJs (DJ Gunnklips, DJ Kevo, DJ Brockie, DJ Lola Bunny, DJ Ultra Violet, and DJ Blackice), managers (Shawn X. Gunner, Kevo B. Wylin, Symone Gunner, King Slaughterhouse Gunner, Luna Laveaux, Dee Allure, and Lyric Skye), and a team of exceptional hype girls who keep the vibe hype and events enjoyable. The cross-community acceptance has been incredible, with followers on both sides of the grid attending and enjoying events. My role extends to marketing Sneaky Link, contributing to its success and popularity in the Second Life community. It has been an extremely enjoyable experience!

Simultaneously, my love for designing spaces gave rise to Spellbound Manor – a fantasy-themed residential community. Here, I express my creativity by crafting high-quality resort-style luxury homes surrounded by an enchanting forest. The success and popularity of Spellbound Manor led to a venture into offering interior design and landscaping services with Spellbound Spaces & Events, where we blend enchantment with luxury in every build. 

Then came FLOURISH, my most recent venture aimed at revolutionizing shopping events in Second Life. Being a marketer, I take note of the trends and feedback on social media regarding events. Acquiring FLOURISH wasn’t just about business; it was about spotlighting creators and brands and their unique journeys. Some might call my ideas over the top, but that’s just the way I like it – to bring back the spotlight to the creators who are often taken for granted, but are architects of our magical experiences here in Second Life.

Kacee Popstar 1 by Panda Banana.png
Photo by Panda Banana

What unique experiences do you aim to offer visitors of Palazzo Park, and how do you keep the entertainment fresh and engaging?
Palazzo Park is all about interactive fun, inspired by the desire to create a voice-enabled, interactive space for residents to play and socialize. With attractions ranging from bowling and laser tag to a movie theater, rides, and fully interactive arcade, the goal is to foster friendships and fun in a unique environment. We aim to create a space where every corner offers something exciting and are honored to have the support of fun and talented creators, such as TIHQ, Bergson Bowling, HIVID, and Erfe Design, whose creations made Palazzo Park what it is today! Their sponsorship helps to keep the entertainment fresh by allowing me to add regular updates, new rides & attractions, and engaging events creating a dynamic and ever-evolving experience. We are in the middle of an expansion that will make way for all new and fun attractions, so stay tuned for that! Those interested in the park can connect by following our Facebook Page and joining our In-World group!

Those interested in renting Palazzo Park or sponsoring our expansion, please submit your interest via these forms.
Park Rental:

Kacee Popstar 3 by Aria Christen.png
Photo by Aria Christen

Running a monthly shopping event like Flourish is a significant undertaking. What’s your approach to selecting brands and creating a unique shopping experience each month? When is the launch date for Flourish? How can eligible brands participate?
FLOURISH is indeed a labor of love that involves meticulous planning and a commitment to delivering an exceptional experience for both brands and shoppers. We focus on curating a diverse range of brands, each with its own story to tell. When selecting brands, my approach is centered on providing a diverse and exciting array of products that cater to the varied tastes of the SL community by taking into consideration the uniqueness, quality, and appeal of each brand to ensure a well-rounded and captivating shopping event. 

FLOURISH stands out through its unique business model and features, such as the FLOURISH Mens Edition, which focuses on providing a dedicated and exclusive space in the center of the event for men’s brands. We also will launch “FLOURISH Unveiled”, a monthly show that will put the spotlight on a featured brand and take us through the journey of the brand. This will be in correlation with a dedicated brand exhibit area, housed right in the middle of our Sponsor Concourse, that will take you through the timeline of your favorite brands’ evolution! 

We also prioritize collaboration over competition, fostering a supportive environment for brands to work together. I’ve introduced a streamlined process without the usual collaboration fees, encouraged collabs by offering discounted Collab Sponsor booths so brands can engage in collaborative releases with reduced financial risk. 

The commitment to brands doesn’t end there. We have also incorporated features like the FLOURISH Cafe, at the landing point, for food and beverage creators who often get the short end of the stick at events. Additionally, our Concourse Kiosks offer a low-cost opportunity for emerging and small brands to gain visibility in a real-world shopping experience, reminiscent of the shopping kiosks in your local mall. We have partnered with Luke Rowley, creator of the EasyBloggers platform, for a seamless blogging experience for brands and bloggers. Furthermore, FLOURISH will launch a unique rewards program for brands with continuous participation, providing perks such as late fee waivers, premium booth selections, discounted and permanent booths, and social media features. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what FLOURISH will offer and my amazing team, Lillian Onyx, Fang Palazzo, Symone Gunner, Lyric Skye, Cakhez Blvck, and I are so excited to bring it all to you!

The launch date for FLOURISH is set for April 7, 2024. FLOURISH is not just a shopping event; it’s a movement dedicated to improving the overall experience for both brands and shoppers. Interested brands and bloggers can join the movement and experience the fun at FLOURISH by submitting an application found on our website,

Kacee Popstar 2 by Panda Banana.png
Photo by Panda Banana

With Spellbound Manor and Events, you blend enchantment with luxury. What are the key elements you focus on when creating an immersive and luxurious environment? How can Residents get more information about your design and landscaping services?
Spellbound Spaces & Events is another passion project involving myself, Lillian Onyx who handles day-to-day business operations and landscaping, and Fang Palazzo, our talented and creative lighting expert. My way of building is truly unique. Beginning with choosing environments to set the mood of a space and using high-quality, luxury decor and furnishings, plant life, and lighting to tell the story of a space. I often tell clients, that I don’t create spaces, I design with my soul to create experiences. Key elements in creating an immersive environment include meticulous attention to detail, blending fantasy aesthetics with high-end resort-style touches, and fostering a sense of wonder. The enchantment is brought to life in a way that feels both magical and grounded in reality. My goal, through the use of rich and earthy tones and shadows, is to invoke a feeling as you enter the room. Pro-tip: When stepping into any space that I create, ensure you are in “Shared Environment” to experience it the way it should be! The reception from the community has been overwhelming and we are so grateful for the support. Residents interested in our design and landscaping services can reach out to us via the form linked on our Facebook page.

Watch this video submitted by Kacee about Spellbound Manor.
Video production by Sabina Valeska

How has being a part of Second Life transformed or impacted your personal or professional life?
Second Life has been a transformative journey. It has allowed me to explore and expand my creativity, connect with an incredible community, and merge my real-life skills with virtual experiences. Seamlessly weaving together my real-world background in business, marketing, and the music industry with the dynamic opportunities of the virtual realm has allowed me to explore new facets of creativity, business management, and community building. The synergy between my real and virtual experiences has been harmonious, contributing to a fulfilling and enriching Second Life. It’s not just a platform; it’s a canvas for personal and professional growth, offering unique opportunities that have enriched both aspects of my life.

Kacee Popstar 14.jpg
Kacee with DJ Fang

Tell us about some of the other Residents in SL who inspire you and whose work you admire.
In Second Life, the community is filled with so many talented individuals who inspire me every day! 

One notable figure who continues to inspire me is Fang Palazzo, DJ Fang. His passion for music and dedication to creating memorable experiences for residents constantly motivates me. I couldn’t do what I do without his continued support. 

My mother, Heaven Release, keeps me grounded and constantly reminds me that I am capable of anything! Between her and my father, King Slaughterhouse Gunner, I’ve had the most amazing support system. 

Vrutega, one of my most staunch supporters from day one, has really been a driving force behind me, giving me the courage to continue to do what drives me. 

Sugarplum Zsun and her passion for music and creating her mark in Second Life is what started my journey within the SL’s colorful music scene. 

The adorably sweet and talented SEMINA, who blessed me with my first Live Singer event, continues to inspire me with her creative shows and innovative ideas! Working with her is always a vibe and man, can she sing! 

Shawn X. Gunner and Symone Gunner both have hearts of gold and know no bounds when it comes to supporting me and all my different endeavors! Their patience and guidance are a gift as I navigate through this virtual world. 

Highlife Destination owners Tye & Gabriel Easton are truly inspiring to me. The hard work and ingenuity they put into their vacation destinations and events raise the bar and add a level of realism with flawless roleplay and endless activities. They inspire me to keep growing my ideas and I aspire to be on their level one day! 

Ras Solaris and all the education and awareness he brings with the Meroe Museum. He is the definition of inspiration! 

Second Life Creators are my biggest inspiration! Each has a distinct style and passion that continues to motivate and push boundaries. Their dedication and the unique contributions they make to the SL community are truly admirable. Their creativity and drive really keep Second Life filled with vibrant experiences, and for that, I am forever grateful. All my club rats in the SL Music scene I have a special love for! Imagine day in and day out they are here simply for the love of music. Inspiring! There are too many to name, but the support and inspiration from Second Life residents continually drives me to explore new horizons and contribute positively to this virtual world.

Kacee Popstar 7 - With Sugar.jpg
Kacee with Sugarplum

Where can people see your work? Please share links to your sites and social media accounts.
Yes! Please connect with me! 
You can find all my links and info at
Palazzo Park: Manor/105/85/2223
Spellbound Manor: Manor/251/210/21
Spellbound Spaces & Events:

Kacee Popstar 6.jpg

Thank you, Kacee, for your invaluable contributions and for enriching our community with your creativity and dedication. 

Each of our Spotlight posts features a different Resident to showcase the spectrum of experiences and personalities found in our virtual world. If you have created something inworld that you’re proud of, or have had a deeply meaningful experience that could brighten someone else’s day, please sign up! More info here: 

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Happy Spring To All!

It’s time to catch you all up on recent product developments! Continue reading for mobile updates, scripting news, new feedback portal (and end-of-life for JIRA), and Viewer releases.


📱 Mobile Private Alpha Update

Big and small updates! This is a reminder that Premium Plus members can apply to participate in our Mobile Private Alpha. If you are a Premium Plus subscriber, and you’re ready to try the app and help us make it better, find out more.

We recently updated the Second Life Mobile Alpha to support streaming audio! You can enjoy music in Second Life on your mobile device while hanging out with friends inworld. Streaming audio is off by default. To turn it on, go to Settings > Developer tools > Enable Streaming Audio.

We have brought you a couple of new Chat UI features:

  • Start a new chat from any chat screen
  • On the Nearby Chat screen, see how many people are nearby.


Next up – teleport and avatar display improvements. We think we’ve got avatar shapes figured out…and the real challenge – skeleton deformers – are also in the works!

🐛 JIRA end-of-life



Yes, the king is dead, long live the king! While we have said goodbye to Jira as the platform for collaboration with our residents as well as for internal issue tracking, we believe this has allowed us to improve visibility and collaboration. 

The new Second Life Feedback Portal is a great place for any new bug reports or feature requests, while the public Second Life Viewer project on GitHub is where we continue our open-source work. 

Speaking of the Second Life Feedback Portal, it has already received 672 posts, 2635 comments, and 6426 votes! We thank you for your enthusiastic participation. We have made many updates since we first introduced it in January including a whole new UI and dark mode (based on your system settings). We will continue to improve the feedback portal and, most importantly, review all the incoming reports and requests!

Although Jira is dead, the archive remains. As mentioned in our Pt. 2 blog post, the Jira archive of the Second Life BUG project on GitHub is now available. You can find the public BUG archive at The archive currently contains most of the previously public Jira tickets from the original BUG project. However, there are a few that we are still moving over. It does NOT include tickets that previously had restricted access.

👩‍💻 Scripting changes

Out now: Increased sensor result limit

We’ve increased the maximum number of results returned by llSensor and llSensorRepeat from 16 to 32. This will reduce the need for workarounds such as repeatedly scanning small slices of space.

Coming soon: llSetLinkSitFlags, llGetLinkSitFlags, SIT_FLAG_NO_COLLIDE

In an upcoming server release we will be allowing scripts to set and get the sit flags of linkset sit targets via llSetLinkSitFlags and llGetLinkSitFlags. In addition, scripts will be able to set the SIT_FLAG_NO_COLLIDE flag to disable the avatar’s collision volume when they are seated. This will be useful for clown cars and other creations.

Scripting roadmap

Status of these upcoming changes and more are visible on Second Life’s new public roadmap at If you have ideas or feedback on the scripting system check out the Scripting Features and Scripting Bugs boards.

🪀 Creator news

Coming soon: 15% reduction to mesh download impact

Download weight is one parameter used as part of calculating an object’s Land Impact (LI).  We will be reducing this by 15%, decreasing the land impact of many mesh assets.

LI for mesh-based objects is either download weight, physics or server cost, whichever is greatest. This change will not impact animesh or mesh upload fees.

Coming soon: Scheduling automatic daily region restarts

This feature has been on people’s wish lists for many years. Estate managers will soon be able to schedule automatic region restarts via the region console:

> help region_schedule
    Display or modify scheduled region events.
    An empty parameter list will display the current schedule.
    unset <event>:  Removes the scheduled event.
    set <event> daily HH::MM::SS will set the event to occur daily at the scheduled time.
    set <event> weekly days HH::MM::SS will set the event to occur on the indicated days at the scheduled time.
       S=Sun, M=Mon, T=Tue, W=Wed, R=Thurs, F=Fri, A=Sat
    Note: Times are in GMT

While most regions do not need to be restarted more frequently than weekly, which is automatically scheduled, some regions with high traffic may benefit from more frequent restarts. When you restart a region, keep in mind that everyone on the region will be kicked out.

💻 Viewers

Maintenance Viewer

GLTF PBR Maint 2 contains another round of fixes and refinements to PBR rendering, including a preview of Materials from Inventory while editing objects. Download version and check out the release notes.


Default Viewer

😀 Emoji

This viewer was finally promoted to default release and is based on a contribution by Kitty Barnett, adding emoji support to text chat.


Featurettes sneak peek!

Our Post Materials Featurette Package is sharing early access to:

  • Mirrors
  • PBR Terrain
  • 2k textures

Initially this will only be available on our Beta Grid (Aditi). Please keep your eye on our blog as we will post more details in the coming days.



Catch more Second Life news on Thursday, March 14th at 12pm PT at the VWBPE Above the Book interview with Grumpity, Signal, and Kali Linden

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