ZoHa Islands Showcase: Black Wing Designs

Hello ZoHa Islands!

So…. to kick off the new year right – we’ve got a showcase featuring a wonderful women’s clothing store with some great deals for your ladies out there.  Located in the heart of Business District Indigo, this little gem awaits you!  Come on down and check out Black Wing Designs today 🙂

Business Name:  Black Wing Designs

Store Contact:  Erynlight Resident / owner & designer

SLurlBusiness District Indigo

Website: Black Wing Designs Official Blog


KittyKat Jules:  What does your store sell or what does your business do?
Erynlight Resident: We are a women’s clothing store that sales all from casual to formal gowns.

KittyKat Jules:  How long has your business been established?
Erynlight Resident:  Black Wing Designs was originally established in mid 2011, but I took a break for most of 2012 as other projects were emerging.  Now I am back with new and fresh designs and ready to offer wonderful options for all my customers.

KittyKat Jules:  What made you want to start up your business and what drives you to keep going?
Erynlight Resident:  For me, it’s the creativity and the ability to bring to life (so to speak) a mere thought or idea.

KittyKat Jules:  Any exciting happenings or new items you’d like to show off for us?
Erynlight Resident:  We are a part of the 55L Thursdays and WOMENStuff group.  I have also just joined the It’s On Sale Group as well.  This way I can share with as many as I can on the great items we have to offer.  Here are a couple of examples of the latest releases:

LanaAd Lola Black

KittyKat Jules:  What would your advice be to the new business owner in Second Life?
Erynlight Resident:  It really takes dedication, and the understanding that as like any real life business, you have to build up over time.

KittyKat Jules:  How did you originally get started in Second Life?
Erynlight Resident:  I was originally invited by a couple of real life friends that are still very dear and close to my heart.

KittyKat Jules:  Any hobbies besides running your business?  What do you like to do in SL?
Erynlight Resident:  I am also a DJ, partial owner of Club~Envy, Landscaper, and builder.

Warm Regards

Kittykat Jules
Assistant Manager & Public Relations/Marketing