ZoHa Islands Business Expo – Christmas Theme – Dec 1st to Dec 22nd

Do you have great products you’d like to show off? Or a really great Item new to the market and want people to learn about it? There is no better way to do this than being a part of a business expo!

ZoHa Islands Business District Office will be holding themed expos every month and the space is FREE! This will be open to ALL creators, you do not have to have land with us. ZoHa business owners get benefits like free advertising on our ad boards and our website along with free business consults from the business district manager Deelish Wishbringer. ZoHa’s Business Districts are the best place to be for your business! So if this will be your first visit we encourage you to take a look around, you might find your perfect business space!

Each creator will be given a small space to highlight one or two select items (per approval). If you have large items you can display a mini version of your item with a sign that says “not actual size” or something to that effect.
You will be expected to be there as much as possible to talk to potential customers. This is not an open invitation to spam people, greeting them and asking if they’d like to know more about your product/s is the better way to go. This is a great opportunity to get your items seen as this will be heavily advertised! ( See Bottom of article for upcoming expos)
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We are open to suggestions, please IM Deelish Wishbringer if you have any good ones!

No vendors or selling will be allowed, this expo is strictly for displaying and info purposes only to help your business gain exposure. We will be supplying an easel for you to put a sign with your logo on no scripts in this please (if your display items are scripted in a way that makes them work or do something that is okay). You may include in your sign an info card and a landmark to your place of business or a link to your Market Place listings on a notecard. Set the sign to sell items contents for $0L so that when you are not able to physically be there people have the option to grab your info. (you may want to add text to your logo that says “right click/buy for 0L for info or something to that effect).

There will be 15 to 20 spaces per event. Time allotments may vary per space depending on interest., meaning the more interest the less time allotment per space to allow everyone interested to get a chance to exhibit. Once set up you will be informed on how much time you will have in your space, once you are informed of your time allotment it will not change.

For an application contact Deelish Wishbringer or visit any ZoHa Islands Office Location and click the signs.
This is a GREAT opportunity for any business! Don’t pass it up!
Here are the Expos we’ll be offering, any are subject to cancellation due to lack of interest:

♥ Christmas Expo (holiday related items) – Dec 1st to Dec 22nd

1) Anouk Haiku – Les Encantades – Christmas clothing (RP)

2) Marietta Washborne   ::mar::Creativity Studio -skins (mrs.claus)

3) iAntonio Vyper – . : V y C : .  M e n ‘ s    B o d y s h o p – mens skins

4) Katelyn Barom & Anthonys Republic – Sculpty Republic – sculpt and mesh furnishings and full perm items

5) Antreas Alter – Real Waves – real lights/real aurora/tree

6) master Nowles – (NO BIZ NAME) – sculpted christmas decor/characters/landscape etc

9) katuehhh Adderstein – Fabuleux – lights/luggage/glasses

10) FoxxyLola – Dark Wing – clothing

13) Abrahamrabbitson- Rabbit mesh – mesh trees

14) Nicoletta Conrad – Dedalo – clothing / costumes/cmas decor

15) Keanu Kharg & Selkie Flatley – Khargo – Khargo: Furniture & Design,
Khargo: Tip Jars, Khargo: Christmas & Winter Market

16) Skylar Raine- Raine Designs –  greeters/gadgets/club items

17) uostna – Ugh Design- Christmas decor

18) Megan Prumier – CRIMARIZON – prefabs/scenes

19) Kerhop Seattle – Kerhops Innovations- tree/snow/amusement

♥ Fashion Expo (fashion shows allowed per approval) – Jan 5th to Jan 26th
Fashion expo will be divided into these categories:
*Womens clothing- Jan 5th to the 11th
*Mens clothing- Jan 12th to the 18th
*Skins/Hair/Avatars Jan 18th to the 26th

♥ Weapons Expo – Feb 5th to Feb 26th

♥ Gadgets Expo – March 1st to March 22nd

♥ Jewelry Expo – April 1st to April 22nd

♥ Wedding Expo – May 1st to May 24th

♥ Home & Garden Expo – June 1st to June 28th

♥ Vehicle Expo – July 6th to July 20th

♥ Game/RP Expo- Aug 14th to Aug 31st