Underrated Horror Theme Sims To Visit In Second Life

If you are a fan of the thrill of a good horror themed sim in Second Life, there are always the staple places to go to. However, today we’re going to take a look at a short list of places that, from my perspective, are totally underrated. I purposely went exploring around places that had the low end of traffic (and avoided the urban RP sims, as that’s not what I was after). Yes, there were some places that were deservedly at the bottom of the search rankings, but these were absolutely worth a mention for individual reasons. Let’s take a look!

1. Spooky Interactive Haunted House

Nothing says scary like an intimidating house perched atop a hill with suspicious stone stairs leading up to it. This wonderfully set up space really leans more towards the interactive side than traditional horror, but it also makes for a great photo-op or something that is more family-friendly. There’s great props and poses laid out through the home ranging from tarot to “death by couch”, so the “interactive” bit is completely accurate. Good for a scare? Maybe not so much. But it’s a neat space to visit!

For those who are adventurous and into the dark urban roleplay, the neighboring After The Fall post-apocolypse setup certainly looks promising. Not at all one for the kiddies, but a really eye-catching setup for the type that enjoy creepy spaces.

2. Innsmouth

I have a deep appreciation for both the terrifying and the retro. Innsmouth marries the two ideas with a beautifully established 1930’s New England coastal town, complete with the incredibly creepy Arkham movie theatre. With boarded up builds, abandoned vehicles and an eerie lighthouse still functioning in this seemingly abandoned town, Innsmouth offers plenty to explore with all of the feels that someone is watching you from somewhere. Absolutely in love with the work done on this sim and will need to spend plenty of time exploring more. I won’t put spoiler alerts, but you absolutely better carve out a good chunk of time to check out every nook and cranny. It’s totally worth it.

3. Olivia’s Creepy Diner

Now, this is probably leaning more towards the novelty side, but Olivia’s Diner is certainly an unforgettable spot for a…..date? With plenty of poses and props and even horror movie trivia, Olivia’s Diner sets the scene for the macabre, but also sets the mood for a romantic outing- if you are into that sort of thing. With a mishmash of creepy decor, the diner certainly lives up to the name. Perhaps that next date night you can put your wits- and beau- to the test!

And, finally….

4. Picklesong (promise, I did not make that one up)

If you are terrified of creepy dolls/children, best stay away from this one. But right from the landing point, this space looked like quite an interesting spin on the more “predictable” approaches that some horror themed sims can have. Yes, there was the required creepy building and bats, but man, that merry-go-round caught me off guard. The interior had a perfect “totally run down and creepy” feel, with beautifully worn textures and incredibly creepy choices of decor. And wait…..is that a rat’s tail peeking out from underneath that rug??

I enjoyed that there was much to explore, and the designer got really creative with a lot of the animated textures. Very well arranged and I will certainly have to come back and visit!

What are some of your favorite underrated horror spots? I want to hear about them!

Bria Oceanside
ZoHa Blogger/Social Media