Toys For Tots Kiosk Locations at ZoHa Islands

ZoHa Islands Toys for Tots_001We have some amazing residents and merchants at ZoHa Islands. Several merchants who have businesses on ZoHa Islands land or in the business district have graciously offered to place Toys For Tots Kiosks in their stores. Please stop by and drop some lindens in their kiosks, and have a look around their stores. We have some amazing creators at ZoHa Islands, and we can’t wait to show them off.

We also have Toys For Tots donation kiosks at both ZoHa Island tier payment offices.

Click on the name for the SLURL

R*T Sunset Mansion: Kiosk is located in the gaming area

Designer City: Their Christmas sim opens December 1st, but there are currently some awesome little free gifts and Toys For Tots. There shall be more added each weekend up until December – then the sim will be full of goodies.

Never B Solo Adoption Agency: SweetBlaze Brianna is the owner.

Daddy-O’s Entertainment Area and Shops: They will having a few Toys For Tots Events, also. Please go to their store for more information, or contact Mark Ussy in-world.

Ukolji Dance Club & Shopping Mall

R*T Sunset Mansion: Kiosk is in the gaming area.

Cake Fox (main store): She has a special charity skybox and that is where the Toys For Tots kiosk is located.

ZoHa Islands Main Tier Payment Center and Real Estate Office

ZoHa Islands Tier Payment Center and Business District Office

We will be adding locations as they are given to us. If you have a kiosk at your store and wish to be included in this list, please IM me or contact Deelish Wishbringer in-world.

Please support these ZoHa Islands business merchants and the Toys For Tots charity.

For our US residents and merchants, we at ZoHa Islands wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers, Social Media Manager