“Phaze”ing Out of Second Life

Phaze_011One thing you quickly learn about Second Life, is that nothing is forever. Our favorite stores, designers or builders come and go, leaving behind heartbroken residents. Running a business in Second Life is expensive and time consuming, not to mention the hassles and grief you get from disgruntled, drama-prone customers. Creating can be rewarding and fulfilling, but not always easy.

One such business that is moving away from Second Life is Phaze Demesnes, a unique collection of creations that include amazing flocks of low-lag birds, the owl that hunts rabbits; untold numbers of dragons, horses, and unicorns; the unusual avatars like goats, elephants, and a tiny dragon; and all the geeky toys like the Einstein Eye that watches avatars; not to mention the masterwork, the Universal Translator that works in SL in any language, and so forth.

Phaze_001A sad story with a silver lining during the Second Life holidays this year: even though the Phaze Demesnes sim is closing down at the end of the year, its creators, Fred Beckhusen (Ferd Frederix) and Debbie Edwards (Wavingirlsav Voom) are giving away all their creations free at Phaze inworld in Second Life through the end of the year. (The orange words are a clickable link to the inworld location.)

Phaze has been in Second Life for 5 years and was featured in the Destination Guide with this description: Phaze is a magic land of water, dragons, fairies, demons, unicorns and robots. Follow the paths that lead to dozens of quiet, romantic spots in a colorful and relaxing landscape. Find the dragons to ride and the demons to fight in the arena. Chat with the animated talking trees, statues and paintings.”

However, Phaze is not disappearing completely. Ferd and Wavy are taking their generosity, humor, and creativity into their own grid Outworldz, an opensim, at the end of the year.

Phaze_010You can contact Fred and Debbie through their website for directions how to get there. You can also keep up on Phase Demesnes’ future on its Google Plus page. as well as @Ferd_Frederix on Twitter, Fred Beckhusen on Facebook, and Fred Beckhusen on YouTube.

(Credit: Second Living: Baysweetwater @ Home blog for information in this article)

Please keep in mind that anything in orange is a clickable link!

Hurry, before the end of the year! You only have a few days left before Phaze is . . . well . . . Phazed out.

I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers, ZI Social Media