MadPea’s Lost Mine Hunt ~ Part 3

After collecting all the crystals, I returned to the mine entrance, and as I clicked on it, it swung open, inviting me inside. I thought to myself, “Ahh this must be the end. Now I’ll be collecting my goodies!” Alas, once again I was very pleasantly surprised!

Here’s what the mine entrance looked like as the crystals activated it:
Mine entrance with crystals cropped

As I strode forward, it automatically TP’d me to deep inside the mine, and it was breathtakingly beautiful. The crystals glowed blue, and I gazed around in awe.

Lost Mine Crystals cropped

My HUD had changed once again, I smiled gleefully to myself, realizing that I was not yet done with this hunt, and it had just gotten interesting! My little pink helper had gone silent, so I knew that this third part I was on my own. I rubbed my hands gleefully and proceeded forward. Looking at my HUD, I knew I was going to have to collect seven gems, without my helper, and a rabbit’s warren of tunnels to explore. This was going to be challenging and fun! I was not disappointed.

I had to wander the tunnels, to find seven of these signs, which upon clicking would collect a gem, and when my collection was complete, I would be able to find the treasure.
Inside mine collection point cropped

When I was finished, my HUD looked like this:
Final look of hud cropped

Meanwhile, I had to hunt for and collect all seven gems. This third part of the Lost Mine Hunt is truly one of MadPea’s very best yet! It is a masterpiece of illusion, games, and puzzles. The textures were amazing, and the ambiance was haunting, as the mine whistled with eerie wind. You would occasionally hear the flap of some creature’s wings (bats, perhaps??) and the dripping of water echoing. That, combined with the half darkness of the tunnels made you feel like you were truly inside a cave.

inside mine more tunnels_001

As you wandered the tunnels, there were roadblocks in the form of puzzles. One was a door, and I had to rotate the pieces of the puzzle until they aligned, and the door opened into this, where I had to search for one of the gem signs:
Winter Wonderland in Mine cropped

At another point, I fell through the floor and landed in this cave, where I had to solve this laser puzzle, so the laser went through the mirror and opened the door. Don’t worry this isn’t a spoiler; this is definitely not the solution! You have to turn the pieces so the laser pierces the mirror.
inside mine laser maze cropped

At one point, I had to hop onto floating rocks as I searched for the gems. Several times, I got turned around, and ended up clicking on the map, which teleported me back to the mine entrance, and I began from the beginning, until I finally found that final elusive gem. For me, the hardest one to find was the silver gem.

Once my gem collection was complete, I headed for the final destination, which was blocked until I solved a water puzzle, where two tanks of water could be filled and emptied until you were able to get the right balance. The gate opened, and I ended up in this room, where I grabbed a mine car, and it rode me through the mine until it dumped me out in the treasure room, where I collected all 21 of my prizes.

Mine cart ride to the treasure cropped

I won’t show you the treasure room; you’re going to have to see it for yourself! 🙂 The prizes were wonderful and so much fun to go home and unpack.

This was my favorite MadPea hunt ever! I loved it, especially the end. Don’t miss this one; you will be disappointed if you do! I’m already looking forward to the next one! Great job, MadPea! Thanks for making our SL so much fun!

I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers
ZI Social Media Manager