I’m Mad for MadPea!

Editor’s Note: I have reported some mis-information. I received a message from the MadPea staff regarding this mystery event at their mainstore, which I incorrectly referred to as a “hunt.” And the helmet was apparently hidden in my hair, which made it look like Google glass. My apologies for mis-representing the MadPea event and the helmet at the end of the event. My only criticism of this mystery event was the lack of information, because usually on these mystery events we receive a NC with the backstory. Either I didn’t find it, or there wasn’t one.

At any event, I do not want to report wrong information, and I love MadPea and want to be sure that I am fair to them. They sent me a photo of what the helment is supposed to look like, and I found mine in my inventory and put it on, sans hair, and enlarged its size, and yes indeed, it does look like this! At any event, please forgive the inaccuracies contained herein and run don’t walk to MadPea’s latest mystery event!
~ Suzanne

MadPea helmet real one

Mad Peas Green Mire_001
As you know from previous postings, I am a huge MadPea Productions fan. I can barely contain my impatience while awaiting release of the UNIA game, coming sometime in the next few months. Meanwhile, they decided to shut down the MadPea City and have opened a MadPea Store sim, which of course has it’s own “between the games” little hunt called The Green Mire. If you’re jonesing for a MadPea fix, this will help get you over the hump!

First take the teleport to The Green Mire. I started out a little frustrated, because I “assumed” (wrongly, it turned out) that the starting point was the store, which is where you first land. This rather sneaky little trick makes people go to the store and search all around it, looking all around carefully trying to find the instructions, map, HUD….something….to get us started on The Green Mire hunt. So naturally all who land there (unless they’ve been reading blog posts and hints on the MadPea FB page) crawl all over the store searching for it.

Mad Peas Green Mire_003

Finally, out of frustration, I checked the FB page and saw a blog post which reveals that it all starts in this little fishing shack shown here.

Mad Peas Green Mire_006

From there, it was pure MadPea, with enough challenge that it was fun and exciting to figure it out, but easy enough (other than the beginning) that you didn’t hurt your brain trying to work on it. It’s a short hunt, and you come out of it with a pretty cool little headset that lets you speak with aliens (it does; really!) although it looks like they borrowed their design from Google glass, it’s pretty cool.

All in all, it was a fun and clever hunt, and now I’m sitting here impatiently awaiting the newest game to come, UNIA!

Here are some more pics. Visit and enjoy!

Mad Peas Green Mire_004

Mad Peas Green Mire_005

Mad Peas Green Mire_007

Mad Peas Green Mire_008

Mad Peas Green Mire_011

Mad Peas Green Mire_012

Mad Peas Green Mire_010

Mad Peas Green Mire_014

I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers
ZoHa Islands Social Media Manager