Curio Obscura: Home of the Strange and Wonderful

I was wandering around the ZoHa Islands Business District and stumbled across probably the most unique store I’ve ever seen in Second Life!  Curio Obscura grabs your attention immediately with this unique build, and draws you inside. You can’t wait to see what might be inside this curious store!

On the website for Curio Obscura, they are self-described as: “Come to Curio Obscura for Strange and Wonderful creations in Second Life.  At Curio Obscura, you will find Steampunk, Gothic Lolita, Clockwork, Dollism, Humor, Hairstyles, Fashion, Historical Recreation/Reinterpretation, Animation, Typing Overrides, Vehicles, and whatever else pops into my twisted imagination. ”

Pandora Wrigglesworth is the creative genius behind this steampunk-themed build and items. The biggest fun is simply exploring the puzzle that is this store. It is a magical adventure as you explore this store, using all sorts of means to get from one area to another. There are jumping letters on the ground at one place, and click on the various arrows, walk through “doors” that teleport you to another area of the store. Don’t forget to look for the door that takes you to the roof. There, you will find a rocket. Click and sit and see what happens!

She even has a rezzer that will rez some of her items that allow you to try them out before you buy. But even this seemingly mundane item in SL is uniquely positioned, as the rezzers are in the corner windows of the store, and once you’re inside, you see nothing but curtains around you, and the puzzle is trying to find the way out! If you cam out, you can see yourself with the item through the windows of the store.

This is a must see, as exploring this store is a whole lot of fun! Here are some pics. Enjoy!

I remain respectfully yours,

~ Suzanne Piers, ZI Social Media Manager